mullet hairstyles for shoulder length hair

55+ Ultimate Mullet Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

You’ve got shoulder-length hair but don’t know how to style it? There are countless possibilities for styling men’s shoulder-length hair, and one of the most popular of all times is the Mullet!
Many of you will be wondering – Is this still a thing? YES, and its latest versions are absolutely breathtaking! That short in the front and long at the back hairstyle never disappeared and promises to impress us even more in the coming years full of unexpected trends in men’s fashion.
Still not convinced? Check our list of 55+ mullet hairstyles for shoulder-length hair designed especially for men looking for a hairstyle suitable for them.

1. Wavy Mullet With Side Hair Design

Got naturally curly hair? Here is a cool hairstyle you can try all year round. Guys can also customize this cool mullet with some unique cuts and designs into the sides. It’s time for those curls to rise and shine!

2. Messy Red Mullet

Want to let out your inner 1980s punk rockstar? Or wish to relive the 1990s teenage emo phase? Try this fiery red messy mullet. This look tastes a bit of time travel and is definitely a must-try for those with long wavy hair.

3. Relaxed Mullet

A relaxed mullet is perfect for men who want to sport a mullet but aren’t looking for anything too outrageous. Layers are weaved into straight hair that brings out a sense of volume, with a stunning finish of pointed ends.

4. Wavy Mullet With Golden Shades

This wavy mullet will give you a rugged look without appearing messy or unkempt. Ask the barber to leave the longer bangs brushed forward and cover the forehead. This one here will be an excellent choice for guys struggling with a receding hairline!

5. Mullet With Messy Quiff

If you’ve got tired of growing a boring ponytail, check out this mullet haircut with a breathtaking messy quiff. More than that, if your jawline is sharp, this could be the perfect haircut to accentuate your looks and goes well with a stubble or beard.

6. Golden Brown Mullet With Ear Cutout

A popular choice among mullet lovers is this style with ear cutout and extended sideburns. The back is left long and can be styled like a semi-mohawk to bring out more variety. This ahirstyles goes best with a clean shave.

7. Straight Mullet With Short Fringe

If you are looking for a truly unique mullet, try this variation with long sideburns and short fringe. For this hairstyle, the sides are shaved to give the appearance of an undercut with the rest of the hair left untampered.

8. Straight Mullet With Curtain Fringe

That’s one of the classic, low-maintenance mullet haircuts for men. The hair is parted in the middle to bring out the curtain fringe. Best suited for men with long, oval faces. Also, this cut is bound never to go wrong.

9. Disconnected Mullet With Blue Highlights

This mullet is the epitome of bold and experimental hairstyles. A buzz cut goes through the middle of the head before the curly blue mullet appears on the back. Go for this cut if you want to try something unconventional!

10. Classic Mullet With Side Swept Fringe

This look is a mix of undercut on the sides, and fringes swept towards the center. Guys with any hair type can go for this classic mullet which doesn’t need too much maintenance. It can easily accommodate your long hair.

11. Half Braided Mullet

The front half of the head has a short buzz cut, and from the mid-portion onwards, the long hair is pleated into small braids. A good option for afro hair but definitely not limited to one type of hair.

12. Mullet With Hair Design

A quiff mullet with straight lines or unique designs can customize a look and add the extra flare one seeks to get with the new haircut. You can ask your hairstylist to make your favorite shape into the faded sides.

13. Neon Yellow Mullet

Try sporting a mullet in neon yellow because a little color never hurt anyone! Definitely a look for the books and a must-try for men who love to get a bold, quirky makeover. Looks perfect for summers and party people in general.

14. Super Curly Mullet With Rectangular Sideburns

If you have long curly locks and looking to try something groovy, try this haircut! Ask the barber to give you rectangular sideburns with a short fringe. This is bound to get your voluminous curls all the attention it deserves.

15. Long Afro Mullet

For men who want to keep their afro hair untied but don’t want to let it go astray, they can opt for this clean mullet. The front and mid sections are trimmed to keep them shorter than the back hair.

16. Double Colored Mullet With Asymmetrical Layers

Guys can get contrasting colors with one shade covering the front and moving through the middle like a mohawk. The mullet is peppered with short asymmetrical layers moved forward and bangs resting neatly on the forehead.

17. Yellow mullet with quiff and widow’s peak

Bored of an ordinary hairstyle? Here’s a neon yellow for your widow’s peak with a quiff perched on top and a long mullet spread out like a bird’s tail. A stubble can complement this bold look quite well.

18. Animal Print Undercut Silver Mullet

If you get nice hair color as this soft silver but don’t want to stop there, ask your stylist for a deep undercut. You can get colorful animal prints to fill the sides and transform your typical silver mullet into a personalized haircut.

19. George Clooney’s Curly Classic Mullet

Do you have natural curls? Then there’s nothing better than reverting to the original retro mullet of George Clooney — the style that started it all, the ultimate game changer. Get short bangs with side parting and hair combed backwards for this reaching shoulders mullet for a complete old-school look!

20. Uneven Multicolor Mullet

Guys who can dare to pull off an unconventional hairstyle can attempt this uneven asymmetrical style in the front section with buzz cut on the sides and a regular mullet at the back. We recommend you try an array of colors with this mullet.

21. Messy Textured Mullet

Do you have long tresses but you are unsure how to turn them into a really cool makeover haircut? Men can sport this mullet with long layered fringe pulled towards the forehead. The layers can also cover the ears and continue till the back of the head.

22. Short Haircut With Dreamcatcher Mullet

This short top with side designs is absolutely stunning, but the most interesting element is at the end of the head where the mullet appears. The back strands are tied like ponytails, looking like the feathers of a dreamcatcher.

23. Side Buzz With Spiky Mullet

A modern, trendy overhaul of the mullet! You can ask your barber for a hip buzz cut on the sides, from the forehead all the way to the nape. The rest of the hair is cut short with layers and styled backward.

24. Messy Fringe With Straight Mullet

The forehead is covered with a messy fringe with a visible widow’s peak and a short undercut around the ears. The remaining hair is kept untampered and left loose around the shoulder. All guys with long beards must give this mullet a try!

25. Spiky & Wavy Green Mullet

If you are looking for the ultimate goth look, here is a bold mix of short bangs, long spikes, an undercut with an ‘X’ design, and long hair with a length up to the arms. All these elements are tied together with spectacular shades of green.

26. Fader Mullet

For your soft straight black hair, you can try getting long fringes and even faders along the sides of your hairstyle, closing into a pointy end at the back. Keep the hair length to just above the shoulder to emphasize this unique shape.

27. Deep Side Crew Cut With Spiky Orange Mullet

This cut goes well with straight Asian hair texture. The sides have a deep crew cut with parallel lines designs, and the long uneven spikey strands are covering the rest of the hairstyle. Mix a crazy orange with this hairstyle and leave it black near the roots.

28. Silver Blue Mullet

Guys trying this kind of mullet look straight out of a dream! This particular hairstyle has long, messy front hair with short sides and a neat cut at the back. However, it’s the hair color that adds depth and dimension to this cut.

29. Short Fringe With Side Cut Wavy Mullet

This haircut gives a bit of an Elton John vibe, or rather a nonconformist and rebellious clone of him. Very short fringes are covering the forehead, while the undercut is featuring a curved line design — that’s a must-try for all ages.

30. Mullet With Long Quiff & Undercut

Get a long quiff on the forehead and continue to style the hair backwards from thereon. Leave a deep undercut on the sides and long hair at the end. Complete the look with some green streaks and you will get a fresh, masculine and extremely attractive hairstyle!

31. Yellow Pointy Fringe Mullet

This mullet should be worn with a yellow hair color to stay true to blueprint. The forehead is covered with a pointy fringe with ear cutout style on the sides, and the back is a simple, perpendicular mullet. We could even say that this is the best example of Mullet for 2021.

32. Retro Mullet By Billy Ray Cyrus

This hairstyle is one of those retro mullets very hard to forget, perhaps because Billy Ray Cyrus originally wore it. From the front, it looks like a good-old short haircut for naturally spiky hair, while the long mullet at the back is tied into a neat pony falling over the shoulder.

33. Asymmetrical Front Pixie With Mullet

Among the many options for shoulder length hair mullets, men can try this asymmetrical layered pixie cut with layers continuing throughout the haircut. That brings out a very sharp look, emphasizing the blonde shades at the same time.

34. Aqua Blue Messy Mullet

A flashy aqua blue color goes well with a messy fringe cut and long straight locks falling till the shoulder. Make sure you ask the hairdresser for the exact hair color to keep the entire look intact.

35. Unkempt Curly Mullet

This messy, unkept long fringe is paired together with long wavy hair for this mullet, being a comfortable choice for men who prefer a low-maintenance look. Add some streaks of color to the long tresses to customize the look.

36. Deep Buzz Cut With Dangling Sideburns & Fuchsia Mullet

This hairstyle is a must-try for men who absolutely love colors. Ask your barber for long sideburns and a short buzz cut on the sides, almost reaching the middle. Color the remaining hair fuchsia pink, wear it straight, and comb it backward!

37. Double Color Mullet With Long Fringe

Pretty close to a classic mullet, this one here stands out due to its black-violet color mix and is suitable for men with straight hair. However, if your hair is not straight, but you want to try this hairstyle, you can always style it with a hair straightener.

38. Crew Cut Mullet With Long Beard

The front half of this haircut is a classic, low-maintenance crew cut. The rest of it is a long textured curly mullet combed back from around the ear area. The picture already says enough, but we have to say it too – this haircut may be a great look, especially for those with long beards.

39. Pointy Fringed Mullet

Looking for something simple and yet not too plain? This hairstyle hits the middle-ground. A classic mullet at the back paired with a forehead area that’s covered with long fringes trimmed in a pointy way – this mullet is one of a kind!

40. Bluish-Green Mullet With Ear Cutout

The first thing you need for this hairstyle is to find an expert hairdresser who knows how to dye hair perfectly because this game of colors is not easy to achieve. Therefore, your hairdresser should dye the undercut and top hair using yellowish-green shades, and the rest must be covered with a mix of green and blue.

41. Spikey Blue Mullet

If you’ve got Asian features, a spikey mullet could be the perfect hairstyle for you. Dye your hair blue, gel it to get long spikes in the front and keep the back hair a little longer. Blue makes an excellent choice for this type of skin tone, but you can always switch it to purple or green.

42. Blue-end Long Fringe Messy Mullet

If you are craving for an all-out punk look, this might be the cut you want to consider. You can grow your sides till they cover your ears, and color it blue, then get this messy shoulder length hair mullet with layers and long fringes covering the forehead.

43. Blazing Fire Mullet

Well, not literally a fire, but this hairstyle is self-explanatory. You need a simple crew cut for most of the head and a skilled hairdresser to give you the fire-shaped patterns at the back. Complete the style by gelling your ends – this technique will give your hair the illusion of draining ends.

44. Dreamy Neon Green Mullet

If you love crazy colors, shoulder length hair mullets are a great way to point them out. Therefore, you can comb your long neon hair backward, trim the sides like an undercut and allow the back hair to weave into soft curls.

45. Silver Mullet With Undercut

This haircut’s most interesting part is the line separating the undercut and the mullet layered with uneven spikes. Ask your barber for the sleek designs with the undercut, and consider adding some silver shades to recreate the same look.

46. Jared Leto’s Stunning Mullet

Old is gold. And nothing proves it more than sporting the original classic mullet of the 1980’s like Jared does— no overhauling, no extra shimmer. Just the good old mullet. It’s simple, sleek but never out of style.

47. Mohawk-styled Mullet

Leave a thick mass of hair left uncut through the middle with short buzz cut on the sides to get this indie look. Pepper the hairstyle with orange, yellow and red streaks and run a thick streak from front to back.

48. High Quiff Mullet

To get a unique haircut for your shoulder-long hair, try to trim the sides, get a parallel design, and turn the top into a relaxed quiff with fuchsia pink strands styled backward. You can also flash the color at the end of your locks.

49. Undercut With Golden Shades

If you’re a fan of experimental haircuts, try this mullet with deep undercut. The remaining hair can be neatly combed to the front. Try this haircut with some golden strands and a stubble to bring out the jazz of this mullet.

50. Military Camouflage Mullet

How does it sound to you wearing a short buzz cut with military colors in 3/4 of your head with a straight mullet in the remaining section? Bold and out of the box, this style looks best in a clean-shaven face.

51. Short Bangs With Wavy Silver Mullet

If you have a weakness for both silver hair and mullets, try short bangs to cover the forehead and short layers and leave the remaining wavy locks in their natural element. You can also give this sideburn a short buzz cut to make the mullet prominent.

52. Straight Mullet Bowl Cut

With bangs reaching till eyebrows and top hair styled as a bowl cut, including the sideburns, this hairstyle is for men who carry the aura of a model. The mullet grows from behind the ears, with the area near it shaved clean.

53. Blonde Mullet With Black Sides

Choose the best shade of blonde for your skin tone, and get a deep undercut with a clear outline that looks like a shadow from far. Keeping the top long enough will help you wear your hair on the side of your face that benefits you more or even slicked back.

54. Messy Mullet With Geometric Ear Cutout

The front hair of this shoulder length hair mullet has a messy, unkept look with a geometric ear cutout style for the sides. This messy mullet is perfect for men who love to combine causality, deep colors, and unusual designs.

55. Layered Mullet With Aqua Blue Fringes

This summer, ask your hairdresser for aqua blue fringes and an undercut in the same color. Then get layered textures throughout till the midsection and keep the rest of the mullet straight. Unbeatably one of the best summer looks among 2021 mullets!


What kind of top should I try with my Mullet?

As you already saw in our article, there are many ways to style your top when rocking a mullet. You can choose between a slicked back top, side-parted, quiffs or fringes that come in various shapes.
To make the best choice, consult with your barber. He will tell you exactly what kind of top you can with your Mullet so that it fits your style and facial features.

Is the Mohawk the same as the Mullet?

Even if these two can be similar in certain situations (see hairstyle 47 from our list), they are quite different in shape and length. While the Mullet keeps the hair short on the top and sides and long at the back, the Mohawk usually has both sides shaven, leaving most of the hair in the center of the head.

A traditional mullet will leave the short hair at your crown long and sleek on top while maxing out the product around the other parts of your head to turn them into something standing up like a Mohawk – but still using much shorter pieces than would be used in one.

How long do I have to have my hair to get a Mullet?

As the title of our article says, you should have shoulder-length hair to try this hairstyle. Since hair grows an average of one-half inch per month, it would take about 2 years to reach this length if your head is completely shaved.

The Bottom Line

The mullet hairstyle is a great way for men to wear their shoulder-length hair. This style works well on all face shapes and skin tones, so it can be worn by most people with ease! There are countless possibilities for styling this type of haircut because the top section can be slicked back or styled forward in different ways that complement your features.

With many different styling options, it’s no wonder why the Mullet is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Have you given this style a try?

What are your thoughts on the Mullet? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section below.