50 Elegant Business Hairstyles
50 Elegant Business Hairstyles

50 Elegant Business Hairstyles

Professional haircuts are different than the ones a man might wear on an everyday basis. When you’re a businessman, you have to exude confidence, power, leadership, and success. All of this while you respect the rigorous grooming and styling code that’s been passed on in the business world for decades.

But are things changing now that millennials and Generation Z are coming fast from behind? Let’s see. Here are 50 business hairstyles to watch.

1. The Daniel Craig

Who better than James Bond himself to start us off on our list of business hairstyles? Or, at least, one of the James Bonds. The most recent one. Here’s Daniel Craig sporting a super short crew cut with just the right number of spikes at the front.

daniel craig business hairstyles

2. The Ryan Gosling

We have several celebrities on our list of business hairstyles. That might sound a bit odd in the beginning because you would never think that business and Hollywood mix. However, some of these gentlemen cut quite the dapper figure, which you might copy.

ryan gosling business hairstyles

3. The Justin Timberlake

Singer Justin Timberlake advocates for a more demure look. He wore a short crop with his hair parted on the side and slicked back. That plus the beard is vaguely reminiscent of the 50s. In fact, Justin looks like he could have easily fitted in an office in Mad Men.

justin timberlake business hairstyles

4. The Chris Evans

Sometimes, less really is more. Take it from actor Chris Evans who models a clean-cut, navy blue suit and a straightforward, dark brown haircut with a few boyish spikes in the front. He inspires trust, serenity, and loyalty.

chris evans business hairstyles

5. The David Beckham

There’s nothing quite like English charm, is there? It’s an innate quality that our British friends have but can be replicated if you style your looks in just the right way. David Beckham is a perfect inspiration for that.

david beckham business hairstyles

6. The Bradley Cooper

Here is actor Bradley Cooper looking exactly like he’s about to sell you a car. What do I have to do to put you in this car today? His very short and simple crew cut, as well as his fine tailored gray suit, can guide you.

bradley cooper business hairstyles

7. The Men’s Club Look

As you probably already know, many businesses take place or are closed at the men’s club. Therefore, you cannot possibly wear the same look as you do in the office when you go there. Dress and style accordingly.

men's club business hairstyles

8. Casual Business Hairstyles

Never underestimate the power of a business casual attire or look. Doing business is not just for the office anymore. You can look equally powerful and classy with a slightly ruffled slick back and a perfectly tailored suit but no tie.

business casual business hairstyles

9. The Chris Hemsworth

Actor Chris Hemsworth is the picture of elegance and good taste in this blue suit with a short, blonde slick back. This attire is perfect for a casual lunch meeting at the harbor where you can close the deal feeling like a million bucks thanks to your power suit.

chris hemsworth business hairstyles

10. The Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer demonstrates just how good you can look with a well-chosen three-piece suit. It’s a blue number with a corporate tie to match and an impeccable white shirt. His dark coffee bean hair is parted on one side and slightly ruffled by the wind.

matt bomer business hairstyles

11. Slick Back Business Hairstyles

The slick back screams business casual. You need to pair it with the appropriate outfit, of course, and you also need to use some high-quality hair wax or gel to get this awesome look. The best thing about it is that it’s deficient maintenance.

slick back business hairstyles

12. Side Part and Beard

A modern businessman is not afraid to wear a beard. It’s a sign of power and dominance, and you should embrace it. The world is changing, and the old-fashioned view of the clean-shaved businessman is out the window as well.

parted beard business hairstyles

13. Mens Short Business Hairstyles

The hard part has taken the styling world by storm, and now you can include it in your business attire as well. It’s the same as traditional parting, only that your stylist has to use a razor to create it.

hard part business hairstyles

14. Business Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse for men. Evidently, it’s a blessing because a good head of hair on a man means fewer chances of alopecia or a receding hairline. However, it can also mean a hard time finding an appropriate haircut when you’re a businessman.

thick hair business hairstyles

15. Short Wavy Business Hairstyles

Business hairstyles for black men are absolutely gorgeous. You can make good use of your naturally curly hair and get this wavy haircut, for example. It’s short and demure, but it still has a bit of pizzazz to it.

short wavy business hairstyles

16. Easy Business Casual Hairstyles

A classy and elegant-looking business person will have a lot more chances of closing the deal. That’s a fact. Remember that it’s all in the details, including both your hairstyle and your outfit of choice.

classy business hairstyles

17. Wavy Business Hairstyles

If you have naturally wavy hair, you might benefit from a turn of the century haircut. It will make you highly distinguished and polished, which is perfect for business. Think Downton Abbey in the office.

wavy business hairstyles

18. Elegant Business Hairstyles

One cannot stress the importance of being elegant when doing business with a client, partner, or company. One thing has not yet changed. Looks are still as important as they have always been, and first impressions matter a lot.

elegant business hairstyles

19. Mature Business Hairstyles

Just because you have been the CEO or founder of the company for a few decades now, that doesn’t mean your look has to say jolly old Saint Nick. Instead, it can say gorgeous and swoon-worthy business hairstyles.

mature business hairstyles

20. Medium Length Business Hairstyles

Another preconception we are left to handle from the decades-long past is that all business hairstyles must be short crops. Times change, however, and you need to change with them. Embrace your hair and go for a medium crop if it makes you look good.

medium business hairstyles

21. The Medium Slick Back

Speaking of medium-length haircuts, here’s a medium salt and pepper slick back. This natural color is typically called salt and pepper as a shorthand for black and white or organically graying hair.

medium slick back business hairstyles

22. Short Comb Over Business Hairstyles

Comb overs are perfect if you have a classically oval face with a strong jawline. The sharp angles of the haircut will mirror on top the angles that your face has on the bottom, creating a fantastic equilibrium.

short comb over business hairstyles

23. Matching Hair and Beard

If you have natural blonde or red hair, growing a matching beard is a real power move, especially since we’re talking about business hairstyles. However, it all depends on the business line you’re in. Here are some more hairstyles for blonde men inspired by your favorite celebrities.

hair beard match business hairstyles

24. Man Bun Business Hairstyles

Yes, the notorious man bun has seeped even into the subculture of business hairstyles. It was hard to believe at first because company culture typically asks men to be clean-shaven and have their hair cut short, but it happened.

man bun business hairstyles

25. Pompadour Business Hairstyles

Along with the man bun, other hairstyles have permeated the hard shell of business hairstyles. One of them is the pompadour which is slowly becoming more and more popular among business people.

Stylish Pompadour business hairstyles

26. Classic Business Hairstyles

This is the traditional image everyone has when they think of a businessman. The hairstyle is a short to medium crop with the hair parted on one side and combed over. Traditional business people are clean shaved or have minimal stubbles.

classic business hairstyles

27. The Liam Hemsworth

A more modern source of inspiration can be found in Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. Here’s a tip – both lighter hair color and a lighter color in a suit will make you look younger, fresher, and ready to take action.

liam hemsworth business hairstyles

28. The Alexander Skarsgard

At the opposite end of what we stated above are the dark-colored suits, which, traditionally, make you look empowered, in control, and like the alpha male. And you know very well just how important it is to be the alpha male in business.

alexander skarsgard business hairstyles

29. The George Clooney

Here’s a look back to 80s business hairstyles brought to you by none other than George Clooney himself. He looks like he’s ready to tackle both the bull and the bear as he makes his way to Wall Street.

george clooney business hairstyles

30. Old School Business Hairstyles

Nothing says old school like a shirt and tie, suspenders, and a fantastic comb-over. This would have been the appropriate attire if you had worked in a 1950s journalistic environment or, of course, at the Bugle in Spiderman.

old school business hairstyles

31. Retro Business Hairstyles

Speaking of the 1950s, let’s take a look at the nation’s pride back then, astronauts and miscellaneous space workers. They, too, adopted the same side parted comb over as part of their professional look. It’s the one that came to inspire trust across decades.

retro business hairstyles

32. Undercut Business Hairstyles

Taking a giant leap to more modern days, we can find the undercut, which has been all the rage in the past few seasons. You can pull this off in a meeting with the right amount of styling and a well-tailored suit.

undercut business hairstyles

33. Messy Business Hairstyles

Messy can work as well, depending on the branch of business you’re in. If you’re not a banker, let’s say, and you work in advertising, it can actually be the right look for approaching big clients.

messy business hairstyles

34. Business Hairstyles for Receding Hairline

The majority of men face alopecia, thinning hair, and receding hairlines during their lifetime. Science has discovered that it is genetic, but, sadly, there is no known cure yet. However, you can try a bit of styling to help you out.

receding hairline business hairstyles

35. Short Curly Business Hairstyles

You don’t see a lot of curly hair in the business. Have you ever wondered why? Because curly hair in men is considered a boyish cut that sends psychological signals of femininity and child-like persona. Whereas in business, you need to be the strongest person in the room.

short curly business hairstyles

36. Peekaboo Highlights Business Hairstyles

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your hair if you think it will make you look better. Handsome men are statistically more prone to be successful in business than less good-looking men. Play to your strengths.

peekaboo highlights business hairstyles

37. Gelled Slick Back Business Hairstyles

Confidence is key when you’re doing business, and nothing says you’re in control more than a perfect hairstyle. You can achieve perfection with the help of a little hair gel that will keep all your locks in place throughout the day.

gelled slickback business hairstyles

38. Out of the Office Business Hairstyles

What kind of hairstyles should you have when you’re conducting business outside the office? It should be a variation of your usual one, with a bit of casualness added. Let the wind blow through it or add a handful of mousse.

curly business hairstyles

39. Gray Business Hairstyles

If your hair has gone gray, but your beard refuses to follow, we suggest you embrace this natural change. However, if you like the look and want to copy it, you can always talk to your stylist to get it done.

gray business hairstyles

40. Layered Business Hairstyles

Thick hair is the perfect foundation for a layered hairstyle. Since you are in business and have to follow a rather strict dress code, we suggest a high and tight haircut such as this one that only has a bit of volume on top but not on the sides.

layered business hairstyles

41. The Pierce Brosnan

Here’s another James Bond. You can use him as inspiration for your CEO look. Remember that when you’re the CEO, you don’t have to make a big statement about it with your look or your words. If you have to say you’re the boss, you’re not the boss.

pierce brosnan business hairstyles

42. Corporate Business Hairstyles

This is the standard corporate portrait and whoever has worked a job in corporate knows it well. Men typically wear short crops and large smiles, are very well shaven, with immaculately tailored suits and ties.

corporate portrait business hairstyles

43. Modern Business Hairstyles

But, as we mentioned before, all this is changing because the working industry itself is changing. The millennials and Generation Z are coming fast and hard from behind, and they sure don’t like conformity and rigor.

modern business hairstyles

44. Hipster Business Hairstyles

In fact, millennials and Generation Z like working environments where the dress code asks them to be respectful and dress nicely but still allows them to be creative, think outside the box, be themselves, and personalize their looks.

hipster business hairstyles

45. Widow’s Peak Hairstyles

A widow’s peak is a small formation of hair on your forehead in the shape of a V. It’s called a widow’s peak because back in Victorian times, widows used to wear caps that had the same peak at the front.

widow's peak business hairstyles

46. Buzz Cut Business Hairstyles

The buzz cut is the easiest solution you can find as far as hairstyles go. However, make sure you have the facial features for it. Remember that you’re a businessman and that a buzz cut can make you look too scary if you don’t have the face for it.

buzz cut business hairstyles

47. The Jon Kortajarena

This internationally famous male model is here to advocate using your good looks to your advantage while wearing a suit. Business is all about selling, and the first thing you must sell is yourself. Always keep that in mind.

jon kortajarena business hairstyles

48. The Usher

A small and tight blowout is permitted even as a business hairstyle, and even if we did say that curly hairstyles are not desired in the business world. Make sure to style it correctly and wear a power suit all the time.

usher business hairstyles

49. High and Tight Business Hairstyles

Speaking of high and tight business hairstyles, here’s another version of that. It’s perfect for an up-and-coming entrepreneur eager to learn and work hard to make it in the industry of his choice.

high and tight business hairstyles

50. Weekend Business Hairstyles

We have saved the weekend hairstyle for last. However, as you can see, a businessman is a businessman on the weekends, albeit a more casual one. He swaps the suit for a sweater and a leather jacket but never forgets the shirt and tie. You never know who you might run into at the club, right?

chestnut business hairstyles


As you can see from our article, the past years have definitely reshaped the grooming landscape and blurred the lines of business hairstyles. After decades of men wearing the same side part and comb-over, Millennials and Generation X are introducing the man bun, the undercut, the slick back, the pompadour, and more to the office. What are your thoughts on this new male standard?