Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles To Wear Yourself
Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles To Wear Yourself

50 Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles To Wear Yourself

Juve’s golden boy is arguably one of the most beloved soccer players in the world. Aside from being one of the most prestigious sportsmen, Cristiano Ronaldo is also widely embraced as a style icon.

With this fact in mind, it’s no wonder why Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles have been continually trending for more than a decade. Pick your favorite out of all his unforgettable looks below!

1. Short Simple Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

Even though the Portuguese soccer star generally keeps his hair well-trimmed, this is one of his shortest haircuts yet. This is the perfect haircut for making it through the summer, or if you generally prefer short hairstyles.

2. Men Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

Sometimes, you’ll see Ronaldo with a few wispy highlights throughout his naturally dark locks. This is an excellent idea if you want to switch up your look with some color without coming off as too flashy. Choose light brown highlights if blonde is too striking for you.

3. Ronaldo’s Layered Hairstyle

One particular detail that you will find in almost all of Cristiano’s hairstyles is layering. Almost every time he makes his appearance with a new haircut, you will find that it’s full of layers. They make the hairstyle all the more handsome.

4. Shaved Sides, Asymmetrical Top, and Tribal Decal

If you have a spicy personality like Cristiano Ronaldo, you should think about getting a hairstyle that goes beyond the norm. Trying new approaches is key to achieving the haircut that best suits your personality, and one way to experiment is with a creative shaved design.

5. Comb Over with Part Styles

If we had to pick just one hairstyle to associate with Cristiano, it would undoubtedly be the comb-over. We can almost always spot him with this hairstyle, featuring shaved-down sides and a slightly longer top.

6. Slick Comb Over with Short Sides

Cristiano’s natural hair texture is somewhere between wavy and curly. Still, this never stops him from switching to a straight hairstyle from time to time. You can easily get this look if your own hair is naturally straight.

7. Pompadour-Inspired Top with Short Sides

While we can’t state that we’ve ever seen Ronaldo with a classic pompadour, we can identify a few of his looks inspired by this hairstyle. In the FIFA 18 trailer, you can see how his side-tossed locks get the rough shape of retro pomp.

8. Two-Tone Hair with Short Sides and Subtle Part

The esteemed sportsman is one of the main male celebrities that re-popularize colored hairstyles in men. His splash of copper hair color can also be found in a two-tone contrast, in addition to the highlights method we mentioned earlier.

9. Slicked Back, Highlights, and Short Sides

Whether he’s on the field or preparing for a formal event, you can often find Cristiano with a slicked-back hairstyle. This style can be worn with a sporty edge depending on the context, thanks to some hair gel.

10. Swept Up Hair on Top with Short Sides

The swept-up look is another of our go-to Christiano Ronaldo hairstyles. Instead of slicking his hair back, he sometimes chooses to comb it upwards. Although the hairstyle brings out his dapper side, he still succeeds in rocking it effortlessly.

11. 90s Look – Messy Waves with Blonde Strands and Highlights

If you’re feeling nostalgic, look up Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles from 10 or more years back. Even though he had this boyband-inspired haircut in the early 2000s, we believe it expresses the trends of the 90s best.

12. Longish Wavy Hair with Pinstripe Sideburns

Getting an easygoing hairstyle may be simpler than you thought. We know it’s always tricky to get that well-planned yet careless look, but you have an advantage if your hair is wavy. All you have to do is style it gently to the side.

13. Wet, Gelled Slick Back with Shorter Sides

Anyone can spot from a mile away that Cristiano loves his hair products. Hair gel is clearly one of his essentials and a visible detail for his hairstyle. By using gel in fair quantities, he succeeds in achieving a wet look almost all the time.

14. Hard Part, Comb-Over, Very Short Sides, No Sideburns

We’ve talked all about hard part hairstyles before and their edgy effect on a man’s look. Cristiano proves our point with his manly hard part haircut, displaying his signature comb over hairstyle. We also like how he chose to get his part at an angle instead of directly straight.

15. 90s Look with Short Sides

Any sports player will agree that their hairstyle is the last aspect they think about when competing. However, this careless attitude is exactly what makes a messy hairstyle work. Run your fingers through your hair with a small amount of gel to get the look.

16. Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles with Nape Shaved Lines

We’re used to the Juventus Torino star popping up now and then with a creative hairstyle. Mostly, we’ll see him with a new shaved design on the top or sides of his head. Nevertheless, we can’t forget when he shaved a few lines at the back of his neck.

17. Dyed Black, Comb Over, Short Sides

When he’s not seen flaunting caramel highlights, it’s always a pleasure to see Ronaldo’s hair in his natural, jet-black color. This works amazingly well for numerous men, no matter if they have lighter or darker skin. It’s easier to maintain if your hair is already a darker tone, like brown.

18. Shaved Part with Gap, Short Sides, and Slicked Back Top

There aren’t any limits when it comes to the amount of imagination Cristiano puts into his hairstyles. We already know that he loves experimenting with shaved lines, but he took everything to a whole new level here with a larger gap.

19. Formal Slick Hairstyle

If you’re preparing for a black-tie event, don’t hesitate to look into Ronaldo’s formal photo shootings for extra inspiration. Almost all of them have one aspect in common: a clean-cut and slick hairstyle. Style your hair either backward or side-swept.

20. Spiky Top, Short Sides Hairstyle with Razor Lines

In addition to the cool zig-zag shaved design we presented earlier, we also dig the way Cristiano rocks a surgical line. The main advantage of this haircut is that it boosts the dynamism of your look, considering that the line is shaved as an arch from the front to back.

21. Tapered Top, Short Sides Hairstyle

Cristiano reminds us all that you can never go wrong with a tapered haircut. To ensure that you get the results you’re expecting, we recommend going to a professional barber and asking for this style. You won’t regret it when you see the final look.

22. Textured Top with Short Sides

One of the secrets to Ronaldo’s stately hairstyle is the textured aspect. With the help of short and jagged layers, he obtains a dynamic and appealing outcome. To increase the textured impact, we recommend you use some hair products.

23. Flat Top with Short Sides and Trimmed Contour

If you want to add shape to your hairstyle, you may want to consider a flat-top haircut. It’s an awesome option for men who have straight locks, especially if their hair is also thick. Provided your strands have the necessary thickness, maintenance will be a breeze!

24. Messy Spikes, Short Sides, Surgical Line

Even though Cristiano now lays low with the hair spikes, you can also look back to photos from a few years ago for inspiration. It is slowly coming back as a trend, and it flatters men with sharp jawlines.

25. Asymmetrical Part Undercut

Not all men are up for the dramatic effect that a hard part has on their appearance. On the other hand, a lot of guys enjoy parting their hair to the side. To get a bit of both, you can create a subtle side part for your haircut.

26. Mohawk Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles with Double Hard Part

Nevertheless, you can always go for a regular mohawk if you have the courage. Take note that this involves shaving both sides of your head, preferably all the way down. Also, the longer top should continue like a strip down the back of your head.

27. The Line-Up Hairstyle

An efficient way of defining your features is by getting a line-up haircut. Basically, this barbershop technique creates a 90-degree angle on each side of your forehead, sharpening your entire look. You can get yours as subtle or showy as you’d like.

28. The Faux Hawk 

We’re aware that a full mohawk may not be the most appropriate hairstyle for all men, but we have the perfect alternative. The faux hawk is a recreation of the classic mohawk, usually without fully shaving the sides or continuing the hawk part in the back.

29. Frosted Mess Hairstyle

A couple of years ago, Cristiano played around quite a lot with blonde tints in his hair. One of his memorable choices was this frosted hairstyle that uses an icy blonde shade for a few highlights. As you can see, the blonde streaks were concentrated only on the top.

30. Short Discrete Part with Left Side Shorter than the Right Side

A detail usually spotted in barbershop haircuts can also be found in one of Cristiano’s looks. Even if his all-around haircut is classy, it still has Ronaldo’s rebellious touch through the small yet impactful shaved line on the side.

31. Ronaldo with Disconnected Undercut with Highlights on Top

It’s no secret that one of our favorite soccer players loves to show off an edgy look. His confidence is the main reason he pulls it off so well, but so is his choice of haircuts. From time to time, you can see him with a steep undercut to complete his appearance.

32. Ronaldo’s Gelled Forward Sweep

Several Christiano Ronaldo hairstyles rely on hair products. If you want to get this look, lather your hair with an abundance of gel and style it in whatever way you please. We recommend using a high-quality product to prevent a tacky aspect.

33. Medium-Length Hair with Curly Highlights

Cristiano would leave his hair a bit longer back in the day to boost his naturally curly texture. If you were also born with curly hair, you could consider keeping it an inch or two long to show it off. Like always, a few drops of gel will work wonders.

34. The Classic – Short Mohawk, Forward Swept Sides, and Mullet

We’ve talked about how Ronaldo rocks both mohawks and faux hawks incredibly well, but what about a mini mohawk? To put it shortly, this is the shorter and more ‘wearable’ version of a mohawk, defined by combing and gelling your hair in the center.

35. Geometric Decal with Short Sides

You can already tell that intriguing designs are a trademark for Cristiano. He’s never afraid to go over the top with his haircut, adding all sorts of shaved lines. You can follow his example and think of your own creative way to express yourself through your hairstyle.

36. The Basic Mullet Cut

Ronaldo is honestly one of the few men that can still pull off a mullet post-1990s. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t recommend this hairstyle for you. After all, the modern versions of this cut are, in fact, cool.

37. Mixed Spikes and Line Decals

Another reason why Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles are so sought-after is that they fuse elements from different haircuts. For example, in this photo, you can see how he mixed up his spiky hair to varying from sideways to upwards.

38. The Ivy League Hairstyle

Ronaldo loves to sport a traditional Ivy League haircut when he’s not playing around with shaved hairstyles. Not only is it an easy style for a sports-savvy man to wear while playing, but it also provides a polished look.

39. Ronaldo Hairstyle with Swept Back Bangs

You can get a swept-back aspect to your hair, even if it’s shorter. Instead of waiting for your hair to grow out to slick it back, focus on brushing your bangs this way. It will save you time, and it will also make it easy to change your look.

40. The Casual Cristiano Style

You’ll frequently find Ronaldo in photoshoots when he’s not attending an event or in the middle of a game. Aside from his high-end pictorials, we can admire the casual photo sessions that focus on his personality. For these situations, he usually uses a combed back hairstyle.

41. The Side Slicked, Short Sides Look

In this picture, we can identify yet another hairstyle fusion. The result is somewhere between a slicked-back hairstyle and one with his locks tossed to the side. All the same, the clean undercut completes the look in a flattering way.

42. The Double Shaved Line and Short Quiff

Yet another way you can spice up your hairstyle through creative shaving is with a double line. To put it shortly, all you have to do is shave two parallel lines on one side of your head. You’ll get Ronaldo’s iconic bad boy look without too much effort.

43. Ronaldo with Wispy Bangs

In his mullet/mohawk days, Ronaldo would sometimes leave a few strands across his forehead (all gelled, of course). You can use the same wispy bangs style for your new hairstyle, especially if you’re not into full bangs (which can prove uncomfortable).

44. The High and Tight Cut

The high and tight haircut has been popular among stylish men for decades. Its main characteristics consist of neatly shaved sides, all the way up to the upper sides of the head. The top part should remain a little bit longer but not long enough to cover your forehead.

45. Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles with Curled Tips

Is your hair roughly two inches long? Then this is the Ronaldo-inspired hairstyle you should try out, particularly if you have thick and curly or wavy hair. The length is ideal for having just the tips curled, leaving the rest tightly trimmed.

46. The Slick Quiff with Hard Asymmetrical Part

For a timeless and sophisticated look, always keep the quiff among your final choices. As Cristiano proves, it emphasizes your manly traits and adds refinement to your look. Regardless if you’re in a tracksuit or a tuxedo, you can count on the quiff as your hairstyle.

47. Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut with Fanned Spikes and Short Mullet

If you’re not into the rigid look that comes with most spiky haircuts, you can try out this alternative. Instead of spiking your hair directly upwards, go for a fanned approach. It will tone down your look, making it more subtle.

48. The 2017 Buzz Cut

We rarely see Cristiano with an extremely short haircut, cropped close to the scalp. Nonetheless, in 2017, he promised that he would shave his head if Real Madrid (the team he was playing for at the time) won the Champions League, and so he did. Hence, check out his buzz cut!

49. The Business Casual Look

Last but not least, our final choice of Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles is this attractive business casual look. It works impeccably for any work environment, but also a day out in the town. It all depends on how you style your outfit.

50. Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles with Disconnected Undercut

You can tell that Ronaldo isn’t a huge fan of faded haircuts. Instead of creating a gradient, he prefers to have a rough transition when sporting short sides and a longer top. You can try a disconnected undercut if you want a similar look.


In summary, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles will definitely continue to trend for as long as his career prospers. And probably after that as well. After all, he has repeatedly proven that men should be excited about altering their hairstyle and/or testing different styles.

We fully support this idea and encourage you to do the same! So, which photo will you be taking with you for your next haircut appointment?