55 Alluring Hairstyles for Black Men

Black men wore a lot of hairstyles over time! One of their most significant advantages is their afro hair that can make plenty of unique hairstyles. Options range from short and sleek haircuts to medium and long hairstyles with braids, twists, dreadlocks, and more!

Explore our favorite picks and see which one goes with your personality!

1. Black Men Natural Afro

If you are blessed with natural afro hair and you are also a big fan of super easy-to-maintain hairstyles, this is the one for you! It focuses on an abundance of small, twisted curls that fall perfectly into place with any accessory.

2. Super Short Afro

Do you prefer a short and clean-cut instead? If you wondered what afro hair looks like after it is cut to 3-mm length, here is the answer. The low fade and 5 o’clock shadow make this an attractive and appropriate choice for all occasions.

3. Temple Fade Afro With Hair Design

Undercuts come with endless possibilities for bringing your hairstyle to life. While you can always go for a classic version, you can also make yours unique with some hair designs like this well-defined line.

4. Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

Of course, simple haircuts are not to everyone’s liking. For a more rebellious look, try out a high mohawk that fades down on the sides. You can wear this hairstyle both with or without facial hair.

5.  Juice With Hair Design & Long Beard

If you want an original look, the Juice hairstyle allows you to try out different lengths, lines, and cutting techniques. For example, this hairstyle stands out through an angled top that steeps into a deep line and continues with a skin fade. The large beard makes it all even more impressive.

6. Braided Belt With Top Knot

There are many ways you can wear a men’s bun. Consider a sharp undercut for a more distinctive look and braiding the edges of the top part. You’ll get a crown-like effect that you can end in a top knot this way.

7. Artistic Cornrows

It is not a secret that cornrows are among the most popular hairstyles for black men because they can design dozens of styles. If you want to make yours more interesting, choose fewer braids and try different designs in between like this zig-zag style and straight-line mix.

8. Wavy Taper Fade

Another hairstyle for afro-textured hair is the 360 waves. These deep waves make a great combo with the stately taper fade that works equally well for boys and adults alike. Moreover, you can pair this hairstyle with a beard and it will fit perfectly!

9. Man Bun With Full Beard

If you prefer long hairstyles with longer facial hair, why not mix them? This attractive hairstyle blends long curls wrapped in a man bun with a rugged beard to match. Consider adding an undercut to shape up the entire look.

10. Natural Messy Coils

Another way to achieve a natural look is by twisting your braids into small, tight coils. This hairstyle is a great choice for men who don’t want their hair to be too short but not overly long. As always, an undercut can flatter the top part.

11. High Top Fade With Sponge Curls

Sponge curling is one of the best ways to get that all-clean look! Therefore, make sure your hair is about an inch long to get the best results. While using the sponge for a few minutes, keep in mint to comb your hair out and apply moisturizers like hair spray or pomade.

12. Temp Fade With Curly Top

This temp fade hairstyle highlights the texture of the hair and transitions flawlessly to the clean-trimmed beard. Therefore, if your hair forms eye-catching natural curls on its own, afro fades are the best way to accentuate them.

13. Braided Long Dreadlocks For Black Men

Many black men with naturally long hair choose to style it with dreadlocks. After you get your dreads done, you can turn them into other hairstyles like this braided tail, a high bun, or a ponytail.

14. Fade Hairstyle With Curly Top

Rock your curly hair with a high fade and balance your hairstyle with a full beard or any facial hair styled according to your preferences. The good part about this look is that you can keep the top as long or as short as you like, and it will still look stunning.

15. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle For Black Men

If you prefer sporting long hair, updos are one option you should keep in mind. The longer your hair is, the more options you’ll have for styling. You can see how amazing looks this half-up half-down hairstyle!

16. The Box Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle speaks loud of freshness and cleanliness. It is composed of a box fade haircut that has a delicate transition to the skin in the second half. Keep it trimmed well at all times for a polished final look.

17. Dreadlocks High Top

If you have decided to go for dreadlocks, one thing you must remember – they are very versatile, even when it comes to length. This short hairstyle has a long top made of dreadlocks that can be either worn down or tied up casually.

18. Colored Braids

The sky is the limit when it comes to braided long hair. This style allows you to wear your hair in multiple updos and dye it in colors matching your personality, like this deep navy blue.

19. The Weeknd Inspired Hairstyle

Abel’s consecrated style rewrote the history of black men’s hairstyles. These lush dreadlocks make an eccentric and unique appearance. Even though Abel gave up on it and now wears more uncomplicated hairstyles, we will always remember his rebellious dreads.

20. Colorful Fades For Black Men

We love colors in hairstyles, and we have a weakness for colors in black men’s hairstyles! There is no doubt that the light ones match perfectly with the afro-textured hair. See this pink powder fade with its subtle hair design to convince yourself!

21. Abstract Afro With Hair Rings

If you want to ask your barber for this hairstyle, the picture will help you more than the words. This hairstyle is a prime choice for men who want to stand out and are not afraid to pair their locks with brilliant hair accessories.

22. Zig-Zag Cornrows

It’s incredible what a braider’s hands can do. These are shaped in a zigzag pattern using a classic braiding technique and then tied at the ends. However, you can untie them at your convenience.

23. Temple Fade Afro

This low temple fade is more conservative for guys who don’t want a razor finish. It has a perfect 90-degree angle on each side and a subtle transition from top to bottom all around.

24. Medium Loose Twists

Twists are generally an intelligent choice for black men with thick hair. The ones shown in this example are just the right length if you want balanced results. You can also tie them up if you want to free your face.

25. Pompadour Haircut

Because of its harsh texture, natural black hair is challenging to style in a pompadour. Nonetheless, with the right hair product and a suitable length, you can enjoy this dapper hairstyle.

26. Buzz Cut Fade

Another way to wear your hair short and elegant is a buzz cut fade. It starts a bit longer on the top and continues with a subtle gradient until it reaches the fully shaven part at the back of your neck.

27. Professional Updos

Here is an office-friendly hairstyle you can wear in a corporate environment. This updo is easy to achieve by anyone with medium twists and can quickly turn into a bun or knot.

28. Short Curly Hairstyles with Facial Hair

No matter if you have well-shaped curls naturally or you use a sponge to obtain them, this is a hairstyle that will contour them appropriately. As opposed to many other hairstyles for black men, it doesn’t include a fade.

29. Frohawk Hairstyle With Back Design

Among hairstyles for black men, you will also find the modern frohawk. As the name suggests, it combines the concept of an afro with a mohawk. It’s a voluminous hairstyle that has just enough edge to it.

30. Short & Messy Dreadlocks

As you most likely know by now, dreadlocks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, neglect or free-form dreadlocks can start taking shape even if your hair is an inch or two long.

31. Curly Top With Bald Undercut

This high fade undercut is perfectly complemented by a full top with curls. You can get this look either with or without a beard, although, we must admit, a long beard fits this hairstyle perfectly.

32. Avant-Garde Flat Tops

We usually associate flat tops with hairstyles for black men in the 90s. Nevertheless, this hairstyle can be as fresh as ever if you give it your own twist. Look at this alluring hair design transforming an old-school style into a modern, new look.

33. Medium Twists with Undercut

Because these locks have medium length, they are effortless to style. If you add a slight undercut to the hairstyle, you can wear them all tied up or half up half down any time you want.

34. Modern Afro Pigtails

Another way to rock an afro is with some high pigtails. To get this look, all you need is a soft and easy-to-shape hair texture and, of course, some hair elastics. After that, it’s all in your attitude.

35. Dreadlocks With Bandana

Dreadlocks are just what you need if you have ear-length hair. The best part about dreadlocks is that they match very well hair accessories, such as this bandana, both practical and good-looking.

36. High Top Dreads & Fade

This hairstyle is easy to wear for all types of events, even if you choose a casual or formal outfit. If so far we have shown you how well a top made of twists fits with an undercut, this top made of dreadlocks is not inferior when it comes to undercuts combos.

37. Tied Up Messy Braids

ASAP Rocky is a trendsetter in all areas of grooming and fashion for men. When it comes to braided hairstyles, this is his strong point. To recreate this look of your favorite rapper, just tie your braids in a comfortable ponytail.

38. Half Blonde – Half Black Short Afro

There comes a time in any man’s life when he wants a change. Choosing the right color for his hair can be out of depth. Therefore, if you can’t choose between two colors, try both in one hairstyle, and don’t forget to match your beard as well.

39. Super Long Twists

It’s crystal clear by now that long twists will never go out of style, and it’s an exceptional way to style natural hair, regardless if you’re a man or a woman. In other words, this hair offers you endless styling possibilities.

40. Two-Tone Afro Mohawk

You can see here a picture-perfect example of a high taper ombre mohawk with a temple fade that can easily transition to a burst fade too! Of course, if a blond shade seems too common, you can always choose another color.

41. Dreadlocks Huge Bun

This hairstyle starts with small, twisted locks in the front and continues with thicker dreads in the back. And because they’re long enough, you can style them in a voluminous bun or ponytail.

42. Multiple Braids With Hair Beads

You already know that braids and black men’s hair are the perfect matches, but what about hair accessories? This hairstyle with multiple braids stands out through its spectacular hair beads that look like exquisite hair jewelry.

43. Space Buns For Black Men

If you have been blessed with thick afro hair, you can enjoy these space buns for men. Ready in just a few seconds, this hairstyle is easy to obtain for any man who wants a stunning appearance in a short time.

44. Low Skin Fade With Hair Design

Maybe the best part about having super short hair is the ease of getting a tattoo effect. This haircut is a low skin fade customized with a lightning-shaved line that adds dynamism to the entire look.

45. Double V Nape Design with Reverse Fade

The reverse fade technique could make a tattoo-like effect like this one here. Of course, you will need a skilled barber and some patience to get this look, but it is definitely worth it.

46. Long Braided Twists

Most twists for black men are usually worn loose. Still, they can make a tremendous braided hairstyle if you use a little imagination. Try to bride your thin twists in something you’ve never seen before!

47. Full-Head Colored Hairstyles

Non-traditional colors are the most significant hairstyling trend of 2021. Among them, neon colors reign supreme. Therefore, we warmly recommend you to go for some neon shades like blue, orange, yellow, pink, or red.

48. Asymmetrical Flat Tops

Are you bored with your usual flat top? Well, even if this is an out-of-the-ordinary type of hairstyle, we can’t blame you if you get bored of it after a while. Here it is a creative take on the classic flat-top – an asymmetric top with a gradually shaved side part on the opposing side.

49. Hairstyles for Black Men with Wavy Hair

If your hair texture is soft and wavy, you can get a short haircut to define it. The impeccably trimmed beard is also a nice touch for your desired outcome.

50. Dreads with Blonde Ends

This is a short haircut with black dreads and blonde ends that have a hard part on one side and an undercut to complete this modern and edgy look.
As we have said many times before, feel free to replace the blonde shades with any other colors you like.

51. Dreadlocks Ponytail

A ponytail made of dreadlocks like this will undoubtedly make heads turn. Not only is it spiced up by having two colors, but it also came with a clean-shaven undercut.

52. Turquoise Smooth Top

This hairstyle looks exactly like a flower in full bloom. Let your afro locks flow smoothly without styling them in any way. The result will be wonderful if you pair them with an undercut and an intense color like this turquoise.

53. Spiky Messy Top

If you are not the biggest fan of afro hair, you can always go for a straight hairstyle. This spiky top looks sensational on a black man, even if the hair texture is straight and messy.

54. The Soft Pineapple

Do you want a hairstyle that will make your face stand out? The Pineapple can go wrong on a black man! This hairstyle best fits afro hair and is a suitable choice for both men and women.

55. The Great Pineapple

Don’t be afraid to try the Pineapple, even if you have very thick and voluminous hair. We like both versions! Although we must admit, this one here looks much better due to the beard that completes it.


What’s the best hairstyle for a black man?

Every hairstyle for black men has its charm. While short hairstyles with fades and undercuts are better suited for business environments, long hairstyles for black guys are ideal for a rebellious and outstanding appearance.
In other words, there is a suitable type of hairstyle for every man, and no one is better than the other – the right answer depends on everyone’s preferences.

What can black guys do with long hair?

Black guys can do a lot of things with long hair. Many of the long hairstyles that exist at the moment started from black men, such as long dreadlocks, twists, the men’s bun, and the ponytail. Moreover, black men often wear long braids, a hairstyle born in their culture.

How can a black man get curly hair?

Many black men are born with naturally curly hair. However, there are exceptions or cases in which they want to get even curlier hair. Therefore, the most used tool by black men for defining and enhancing curls is the curl sponge, also used for creating coils and twists.

In Brief

That being said, we can conclude that hairstyles for black men are perhaps some of the most diverse haistyles of all time.

We know that it is difficult to decide on a single hairstyle, which is why we recommend that you ask the opinion of your baerber before choosing one. Professional guidance will help you find the right hairstyle depending on your facial features, the texture of your hair and, of course, your clothing preferences.

But do you know what the most satisfying thing about black men's hairstyles is? The process of making! This is why we have prepared a video with black men's hairstyle transformations which are so lovely to look at.