Inspirational Long Hairstyles For Men
Inspirational Long Hairstyles For Men

65+ Inspirational Long Hairstyles For Men

Have you ever considered growing your hair? Or maybe your hair is already long, but you don’t know how to style it? It’s no secret that women with long hair have hundreds of ways to style it, but men can do that too, and many times … they do it even better!

And because we really want to prove this to you, we’ve put together a list of 65+ long hairstyling ideas suitable for all ages and tastes. Explore these variations of long hairstyles for men and get inspired by the plenty of possibilities you could wear your long male hair! 

1. Super Straight Long Hair For Men

If you let your hair grow – the no hairstyle – type of hairstyle is more than enough for your hair to look stunning. For a complete look, you can also grow a beard that fits your long and straight locks.

2. Long Hairstyle With Straight Texture And Blonde Ombré

Long straight hair with dyed ends? Yes – please. If you thought that ombré is a thing only for women’s hairstyles, well… this is not the only news that will amaze you in this article. Having long hair gives men a lot of wonderful styling possibilities, and dyeing is one of them.

3. Long Shag With Side Bangs

Looking for some easy-to-maintain hairstyles for long hair that require zero skills to look amazing? Go for a shag! This hairstyle is ideal for men who want long hair that looks good immediately after washing because it is created by the layering technique that allows effortless hair styling.

4. Lengthened Wild Curls For Men

If you have been blessed with naturally curly hair, it would be a shame not to grow it at least once in your lifetime. This example of long hairstyles for men shows how curls can also be masculine, dynamic & wild and how they can look absolutely insane on a man.

5. Frizzy Voluminous Tail

The tails are perfect for the sporty man because they are a practical hairstyle that doesn’t get in the way at all. However, if your long hair is super curly and has a frizzy texture, a tail like this will not only be practical but will also look great on you.

6. Bubble Side Long Men Tail With Braided Top

As much as we love hairstyles for long hair, we know that this look is not an everyday one. Nonetheless, if you want to have a great photo shoot, this one makes an excellent option!

7. Extra Long Slicked Back Top With Disconnected Undercut

If the basic long straight hairstyle is a little too plain for your tastes, you should consider a disconnected undercut as well. With this in mind, keep the top long and shorten the sides for a rebellious and masculine look!

8. Long Sides With Spiky Top And English Mustache

Do you know that cool uncle who is always the soul of the party? That’s what this hairstyle is about – an eternally youthful look that will always bring out your energy. Of course, having a marvelous mustache like the one in the picture is a big plus for the whole look.

9. Light Long Hairstyle With Parted Fringe

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for gents who like their long strands to be elegant, casual, and charming without requiring too many adjustments. The parted fringe is all about the office and business-casual looks, so put a suit on you and go rock that long-awaited interview.

10. Extreme Side Swept Fringe

Are Emo hairstyles for long hair outdated? No, they adapt to current trends. Therefore, a long hairstyle can also fit very well with a side-swept fringe like this, reminiscent of Emo generation hairstyles.

11. Deep Black Long Hairstyle For Men

By just combining long hair with the irresistible shade of black, you can obtain a style that appears classic, formal, and perfect for any kind of event. For this reason, if your hair color is black, maybe you should give it a chance to grow to get such a handsome hairstyle.

12. Iconic Brad Pitt’s Blonde Shag

There is no doubt that Brad Pitt looks sensational with or without hair. Above all, this straight and blonde shag suit him so well that it looks like a hairstyle invented by himself.

13. Long Thin Blonde Hairstyle With Matching Beard

Long blond hair is a dream of any woman. But when a man has it, he is envied by absolutely everyone around! Match your hair with a blonde beard to get this complete and irresistible look.

14. Middle Parted Gray Long Hairstyle

The long-grey hairstyle is an immortal mix of classic and goth styles. It seems to be getting increasingly popular, as people from all over the world are starting to develop an admiration for gray hair.

15. Extreme Layered Shag With Edgy Bangs

This shag is a special one. Its layers are designed in such a way that the whole hairstyle looks edgy and rebellious. What wonderful things can be done with scissors!

16. Long Straight Hairstyle With Burgundy Balayage

The basic long and straight hairstyle has been around forever, and it is still the first choice for those who let their hair grow. But how about adding some color? This burgundy fits perfectly on long and straight hair and comes as a subtle but remarkable complement to the entire hairstyle.

17. Peach Long Hairstyle

Instead of adding a subtle color, you can also choose a stronger one like this peach. We live in times when hair colors are the actual statement, even in long hairstyles for men, so don’t be afraid to color your hair in different crazy shades.

18. Messy Blonde Shag

With so many different types of hairstyles for long hair out there, it can be challenging to decide on one. But if your hair is blonde and voluminous, this bob-looking shag will definitely suit you!

19. Beachy Waves For Men

Looks like the hair has dried after being wet from the sea, doesn’t it? That’s what beachy waves are about – a rougher hair texture. You can use sea spray salt to achieve these kind of effortless and always fashionable long hairstyles for men.

20. White Straight Shag With Egyptian Goatee

As we said before, there are endless variations of shags, but this one is paired with an exotic goatee and an excellent hair color which make the whole hairstyle look like it’s from Ancient Egypt. Anyway, keep in mind that getting the shag will be easy, but maintaining this color alive will be a real adventure.

21. Extra Long Red Curls With Ducktail Beard

Long hairstyles for men with red hair are as rare as hens’ teeth. Did you know that only 1-2% of the planet’s population has natural red hair? Well, the red, long, and curly hair like the one in this picture deserve to be fully admired!

22. Blonde Curls TO GO Hairstyle

Wash and go hairstyles for long hair are also a rarity. Not many men with long hair can enjoy a hairstyle like this immediately after washing. Therefore, if you can rock a hairstyle in its natural curl pattern, consider yourself lucky!

23. Extra Volume Long Kinky Curls

Even though most men with such a hair texture choose to try braids, dreadlocks, or twists, some long kinky curls can make a unique hairstyle in their simple shape. Moreover, these long kinky curls allow you to quickly create updos, buns, or knots.

24. Side Parted Slighty Coiled Shag

Here comes the coiled version of the shag hairstyle. And because this hairstyle is very versatile, you can wear your coiled locks on one side to highlight your facial features.

25. Johnny Depp’s Inspirational Windy Shag

A star needs a suitable hairstyle. Even though Jhonny has had more hairstyles for long hair throughout his career, this is at the top of our preferences!

26. Sun Kissed Long Waves

During the summer, short hairstyles are often preferred to long ones. Although this may be true, here is proof that hairstyles for long hair can also look spectacular on a man in the breeze and sunlight.

27. Jared Leto Long Locks

Ever since Jared opted for a long hairstyle, his whole look has changed. And it certainly changed for the better because he attracted more admirers with these bright chocolate locks. Old Jared would be proud of the long haired one!

28. Side Parted Super Blonde Hairstyle For Men

Men’s natural blonde hair has always had something artful and mysterious. This face-framing hairstyle is for adventurous souls who want to let their locks fly free.

29. Casual Dylan Sprouse Shag

Dylan’s long hair was a sign of maturity and masculinity at the same time. This hairstyle has given him the status of Long-Hair-King for a long time, convincing thousands of fans to grow their hair.

29. Long Wavy Black Hair With Undercut & Beard

Whenever you get bored of your long locks and want a change, an undercut will be all you need. You can choose to have it on both sides or just one, and you can also grow a beard that mixes with this haircut.

30. Long Mullet With Spiky Top

Mullet hairstyles are the middle way for those who want long and short hair at the same time. Such a hairstyle allows you to style the top and length differently and fit perfectly with men who want to expose their faces instead of hiding behind bangs or thick strands.

31. Super Thin Long Hairstyle With Side Undercut

Men with thin hair are often afraid to grow it because they think it won’t look good. A trick that many of them do not know is that an undercut on one or both sides can improve the appearance of thin hair, making it look much thicker.

32. Classic Western Long Hairstyle For Men

Western looks are still wreaking havoc on current trends. This hairstyle appears fuller all over, but the secret behind the volume is different hair lengths, which help bring out the natural wave texture.

33. Long Hairstyle With Parted Side And Arched Ends

medium long hairstyles for men with arched ends

Small details are the elements that make long hairstyles for men extraordinary. Therefore, another option to make your long hair stand out is to style your ends differently – they can be either arched outward, as in this picture or inward, like a bob hairstyle.

34. Jason Momoa’s Supreme Hairstyle

It would be weird to see Jason without his long, charming hairstyle. This is maybe because he came into the public’s attention after appearing in Game Of Thrones, where he played the handsome and fearless Khal Drogo, who had extremely long hair.

35. Long Hairstyle With Front Blonde Strands

Another advantage of long hairstyles for men is that you can dye small portions of your hair, and the result will look like a significant change. Choose a few strands that you want to color, and voilà! You will get a brand-new hairstyle.

36. Goth Shag With Blue Highlights

And if blonde strands seem too common for your expectations, a turquoise blue can help you get a successful goth hairstyle. For a more substantial effect, choose to color the front strands instead of the back ones.

37. Long Hairstyle With Viking Braids

Many braids mean many minutes spent in front of the mirror. Yes, we can’t deny this, but the result is worth waiting for! The Viking hairstyle is a notable example of long hairstyles for men because, despite its complexity, it is very flexible. In other words, it gives you the chance to design it the way you want; all you need is a lot of patience and maybe a tiny amount of creativity.

38. Double French Braids Long Hairstyle For Men

Swimming, running, cycling, and other activities will require a suitable hairstyle that does not stand in the way. Fortunately, there are other examples of long hairstyles for men that can do this, besides the basic long tails. French braids are ideal for such activities and can also be, as you can see, very handsome.

39. Classic 3-Strand Braids For Men

And if french braids are too complicated for you and you don’t manage to complete them, there is always a more straightforward option among long hairstyles for men – the classics three-strand braids. You can get these in just a few minutes, and you can enjoy a practical and stunning hairstyle for the rest of the day.

40. Thin Cornrows With Undercut

In this case, you will have to ask for the help of a braider. Cornrows are a trendy style for men’s long hair and are preferred by them because once done; there will be no need for daily maintenance.

41. Long Straight Hair With Classic Front Braids

And if you want some braids to improve your hairstyle, you can choose to braid only a few strands. The front ones will be more visible, especially if you decide to braid parallel strands.

42. Long Braided Top With Disconnected Undercut

Braids can quickly turn into other hairstyles for long hair. Here is an example of long braided hair that makes an excellent flowing tail, contrasting a disconnected undercut.

43. Double Dutch Braids For Men

Dutch braids are the reverse of French braids. Even though the technique is similar, dutch braids are made by bringing the outside hair strands under the central middle strand. The result also differs in terms of volume, which is higher than French braids.

44. Top Tail Hairstyle With Cornrows Extensions For Men

If you are eager for your hair to grow, extensions will save you years of waiting. Combine some cornrows on the top with a mid fade and add a few hair rings for an enviable long hairstyle.

45. Thick Cornrows With Hair Strings

The good part about cornrows is that you can choose their thickness. While thin cornrows are more flexible and allow you to create many hairstyles for long hair, thick ones look great if you want to wear your hair loose. Moreover, you can add hair accessories like these hair strings instead of hair rings especially designed for thin ones.

46. Men Bun Updo

Do you feel like wearing your hair in a bun today, or do you want to leave it loose? It’s great that hair elastics can work wonders in just a few seconds. Choose this kind of updo, and you can have both!

47. Long Hairstyle With Slicked Back Top

When you think of a slicked-back top, the first thing that comes to your mind is the classic short Pompadour hairstyle. Well, that’s not the only hairstyle looking good with a slicked back top. You can achieve this kind of top with a long hairstyle as well!

48. Classic Laid Back Blond Tail

Long hairstyles for men with tails always have two significant advantages: practical and good-looking. That one is a ready-in-3-seconds type of hairstyle, and it is the easiest to achieve men’s tail. The hair is gathered and secured on the top back, making it the ideal hairstyle for a relaxed day at home.

49. Super Long High Ponytail With Beard

Here is another example of a hairstyle for those with long hair who practice boxing or other performance sports. A relaxed-high ponytail will follow your movements throughout training and will make you look great at the same time.

50. Messy Men Bun

In this case, the hair is gathered at the back to style a messy soft men bun. For those with long and curly hair, this hairstyle will be easier to achieve, requiring only the simple gathering of the hair. Nevertheless, if your hair is not curly, you will need to comb straight up and down several strands to give volume to your bun.

51. Half-Up Half-Down Long Hairstyle For Men

Whether your hair is straight or curly, this hairstyle can be done in seconds by anyone using a hair elastic. Separate the top of your hair from the bottom and gather only the strands at the top. Next, you should choose at what level to position the tail, whether you want it very high or close to the base.

52. Pinapple Curly Hairstyle For Men

The pineapple technique is used to protect hair from damage during sleep or other activities that can harm hair structure. Even though, the pineapple makes a great and voluminous hairstyle for men with long hair!

53. Voluminous Dreadlock Bun With Hair Rings

If there is a hairstyle for men with long hair that best matches the hair rings, this is the one. That bun looks so good with these hair accessories that it would be pointless to leave your hair free ever again.

54. Top Knot With Edgy Razor Design

When you combine a long top with an undercut, the good part is that the latter allows you to add an impressive design razor. The second good part is that you can leave your top free whenever you get bored of the chosen design, and no one will know what is hidden under your hair.

55. Long Hairstyle With Underneath Dreadlocks

Full head dreadlocks sound like an interesting change for some but not as appealing to those who prefer simplicity, despite the fact that they love dreads. The solution? Dreadlocks underneath!

56. Massive Dreadocks Hairstyle With Headband

The longer the dreadlocks, the more eyes you will attract around you! This kind of hairstyle can not go unnoticed, and if you add a bandana and grow a mustache like this, be sure that people will stop and stare admirably.

57. Chaotic Long Dreads For Men

When you have dreadlocks, it will seem that each of them has its own personality. You can model and place them whatever you want without following a specific hairstyle pattern. Like this example, every dread is placed chaotically, forming a sexy and nonconformist look.

58. Super Thin Dreadlocks With Side Classic Braids

By choosing to transform your hair into some super-thin dreadlocks, you will see that you can easily model it into many other hairstyles for long hair. Just leave your dreadlocks free and add two basic side braids to get a formidable hairstyle in seconds!

59. Bold Mohawk With Dreadlocks

Because dreadlocks come in all shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder what fantastic mohawks they can make. To draw attention to the dread mohawk above, add temp fading around the sides. You can optionally go for an extra razor design for this hairstyle.

60. Dreads With Colored Ends

Returning to what we were saying about dyed hair, don’t be afraid to mess with the colors, even if you have long dreadlocks. This green harlequin looks insane on the dreadlocks ends, along with the white and cappuccino shades.

61. Bubble Ponytail With Braided Top

This particular example from our list of long hairstyles for men seems as difficult as trying to imagine a new color. Even if it may take some time to recreate it, this green bubble ponytail with a braided top is worth a chance if you want to look stunning at a festival or party.

62. Men Bun With Geometrical Sides

By keeping the top long and the sides short, you could integrate unique models in your hairstyle. This way, you can play with the shapes as you like. We recommend asking a professional barber for help if you want a hard-to-get design.

63. Afro Bun With Multiple Side Braids

Afro hair and braids are the perfect matches. Most people with such a hair texture choose a braided hairstyle. Assuming you don’t want the help of a braider, you can try this afro bun with multiple side braids because it is a DYI look easy to do by anyone looking for super-easy long hairstyles for men with braids.

64. Layered Bubble Tail With Braided Belt

Who would have thought that you could do such amazing things with a ponytail? For instance, this bubbled hairstyle is out of the ordinary and is the perfect choice for men who are not afraid to try something new from time to time.

65. Wrapped Top Knot

Anything can become a hair accessory if you use your imagination! That is to say, if you get bored tieing your long hair in a simple bun, try to do a wrapped knot using a regular string. This is a trendy samurai look nowadays, which perfectly fits smart-casual outfits.


What are some tips for growing long hair for men?

The rules for hair growth apply equally to women and men. If you want long and healthy hair, you will have to protect it from excessive heat, harmful chemicals, or bleaching, and you will have to apply weekly hair treatments and cut it a few centimeters every 2-3 months.
Moreover, keep in mind that each person’s hair behaves differently, even men’s. Therefore, you should test various products and identify those that fit your hair to create a health care routine.

Finally, if you want your hair to be long and healthy, you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience. If you want more tips on how to grow long and healthy hair, we recommend the following video.

Would long curly hair look good on a guy?

Even if it is straight, wavy, curly, or afro, the hair looks different on each person. That means a hair type can look great on someone, but it won’t look as good on someone else.
However, in terms of curly hair, it is proven that curly-haired people stand out faster in a group and are more attractive to those around them. As for guys with long curly hair, we’ve already given you some examples that show how well they fit together.

How does a man look professional with long hair?

You can have a professional look with long hair by simply leaving it loose. Nonetheless, supposing you are looking for complex long hairstyles for men that look professional, there are various combinations: buns with braids, simple tails, or even high ponytails, shags, and top knots, and more.

Can guys wear hair accessories?

Yes, guys can wear hair accessories. There are specialized stores that offer accessories specially designed for long hairstyles for men. One of the most used worldwide is the headband, which men wear either as a practical accessory for sports activities or as a clothing item because it really looks great on men’s long hair.

What are some ways that men can tie long hair?

The most well-known and used ways to tie men’s hair are the ponytail and the bun, but that’s not all. There here are many ways in which men can tie their hair, such as the french braids, the dutch braids, and the fishtail.


Long and straight, long and curly, long with braids – the possibilities are endless, and the verdict is pronounced: men look great with long hair!
Now that you’ve explored our collection of hairstyles for long hair, we’d love to know which one you liked the most. Is there any hairstyle worth growing your hair?