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55+ Old & Modern Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Since its beginnings in the ’70s, the punk style could be easily distinguished by the simple fact that it was out-of-the-ordinary, and this is no exception today. 

Most of the punk hairstyles for guys come in hundreds of colors, with various textures – tangled, teased, dyed, chopped, braided, long, short, and everything you can imagine that could be as shocking as possible.

Many of these hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years with updated versions that combine contemporary men’s style with the old punk statement. However, both old and modern punk hairstyles for guys have something in common – they are breathtaking, unique, and memorable. 

Let’s take a look at our list of 55+ variations of punk hairstyles for guys of all times! 

1. The Classic Fanned Mohawk

Ever since the ’70s, the fanned mohawk has been a consecrated hairstyle of the punk style, with a long and sharp top and shaved sides. Even someone with no knowledge about the punk subculture could recognize this hairstyle as part of this unconventional trend.

2. Long Dreadlocks with Undercut

Punk hairstyles for guys are all about mixing atypical elements, and this hairstyle best supports that. The blend of black and white and two different hair textures makes these dreadlocks with undercut a genuinely unique hairstyle.

3. Spiky Death-hawk

And if the undercut is not to your liking and you would enjoy more a hairstyle with full head spikes, go for this one! The death-hawk is a mohawk version that features longer and teased spikes and long sideburns.

4. Mohawk With Short Layered Spikes

Even though long and sharp spikes are the most common in punk hairstyles for guys, short spikes also have their charm. Due to its length, this hairstyle is much easier to achieve and a softer alternative to its long spiky version.

5. The Bihawk

If one mohawk is not enough, try two! This unique hairstyle is made of two parallel mohawks and a wholly shaved head. Optionally, you can choose to dye your hair in different colors for both mohawks, try the ombré effect, or add a hair design to the shaved part.

bihawk punk-hairstyles-for-guys

6. Long & Straight Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Surprisingly or not, punk hairstyles for guys do not always follow the pattern of spikes or mohawks. You can still rock a punk hairstyle by simply wearing your straight locks free, especially if you have thick hair that is hard to style.

7. Long Top with Disconnected Undercut

Long tops mixed with undercuts can easily go through several styles, even punk. Therefore, if you prefer a rebellious hairstyle that does not require much maintenance, this one is for you. Match the hairstyle with your skinny jeans and black leather jacket, and you’ll get an impressive punk look!

8. The Liberty Spikes

Another memorable punk hairstyle is the liberty spikes. Having a name that stands from the Statue of Liberty, this hairstyle is best known for its all-around long and thick spikes. Yet, it is a hairstyle that won’t ever bore you because you can dye your spikes in various colors every time you want a refresh.

9. Super Short Mohawk

Is there a suitable length for mohawks? Of course, all lengths are suitable for this kind of hairstyle! Whether you choose to wear a long, medium, or even a short mohawk, any option is great to rock a remarkable punk appearance.

10. Blonde Curly Mohawk

Many men with naturally curly hair think they can’t get a punk hairstyle out of it. Here is proof that you can get one of the most dazzling punk hairstyles for guys, even if you have curly or even blonde hair. You can enjoy a voluminous mohawk that won’t go unnoticed!

11. Super Spiky Hairstyle By Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious is one of the most famous punk figures in history. Even though he had a short career, the Sex Pistols bass player has always stood out for his spicy look — the super spiky hairstyle that is as fabulous as his name.

12. Pastel Bowl Cut

One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1980s can be easily turned into a punk hairstyle through a suitable color. This re-born bowl cut has a fresh punk taste ideal for a modern, unique, and masculine style.

13. Liberty Spikes Mohawks

Long, thick, upright spikes styled in a great mohawk – the dream of any man with punk vibes flowing through his veins. That’s a great option for those who can’t decide between the mohawk or the classic liberty spikes.

14. Light Blue Hairstyle With Longer Top & Short Sides

Another mohawk variation is the edgy longer top and shaved sides hairstyle. You won’t have to deal with the complex maintenance of a classic mohawk by wearing this hairstyle. Moreover, with this hairstyle you’ll have more available styling options.

15. Afro Mohawk With Hair Designs

If you have afro-textured locks, you’ll have a more challenging time getting a traditional mohawk. The necessary elements for this hairstyle are the sponge twists, shaved or tapered sides, and a skilled barber who can give you a stunning hair design to fit your punk look.

16. Emo-Punk Mixed Long Fringe

Emo and punk are two different styles, but this hairstyle fits in both. Thanks to the long fringe, it can be easily styled in spikes or other hairstyles from the pop-punk category. Therefore, if you’ve got medium-straight hair, this hairstyle will be easy to achieve.

17. Messy Faux Hawk

A modern alternative for punk hairstyles for guys is the messy faux hawk. Although we often see it as a part of casual or formal looks, it can also make a great punk hairstyle. In other words, this hairstyle is the most effortless way to recreate a mohawk without actually getting one.

18. Messy Fringe With Undercut

As we said before, liberty spikes and mohawks are not the only hairstyles you can try for a punk appearance. You can also rock an edgy hairstyle that expresses the values of the punk subculture with a long messy fringe like this one here.

19. Relaxed Mohawk With Undercut

If you go for a classic mohawk, you may not be up to styling it traditionally every day. Fortunately, this haircut looks just as good when the hair is left down. So skip the hair styling part whenever you’re not in the mood and try wearing your relaxed-hawk like in the photo below.

20. Blonde Thin Quiff With Undercut

While some guys will successfully pull off a mohawk with thin hair, others will have difficulty doing it. In this case, we recommend a shorter alternative like this blonde thin quiff that will make a great punk hairstyle for guys.

21. Pompadour-hawk Mix

The larger genre that punk is part of is rock-and-roll, which is also the style from which the famous pompadour hairstyle comes. This fresh interpretation of pompadour blends both styles in one punk hairstyle for guys, a great combo of pompadour and mohawk.

22. Zayn Punk Hairstyle

Although the punk style has been around for decades, we all must admit that its latest hairstyle variations are amazing. Zayn’s hair is the best example to support this, having a messy texture and unique color that is hard to forget.

23. Layered Mohawk

Here’s another punk look that doesn’t just stop at the classic mohawks. You can add definition and texture to it by leaving the center portion a bit wider than you would for a regular mohawk and get the long part cut in layers for a vibrant hairstyle.

24. YungBlud Punk Hairstyle

Red, messy and nonconformist – this is a perfect representation of the punk subculture! Yungblud has had so many punk hairstyles over time that it was hard for us to pick only one.

25. Textured & Messy Short Fringe

To put this messy look together, you’ll only need a short haircut and a suitable hair pomade. You can choose to bleach your hair for a more substantial effect and keep the roots dark.

26. G-EAzy Inspired Slicked Back Top with Undercut

Most of the modern-day punk guys don’t wear the old-school hairstyles which we already mentioned. That’s the case of G-Eazy, who wears his slicked-back punk hairstyle with a soft undercut.

27. Green Punk Shag

Not all punk hairstyles for guys have to come across as messy and rebellious. This shag, which is standing out by its pine-green color, is a fairly quiet hairstyle that still keeps the elements of the punk subculture.

28. Kurt’s Cobain Signature Punk Shag

Even though Kurt dyed his hair in several colors throughout his career, this blonde punk shag remains our favorite. This hair color is known as dirty blonde, which is a mix of blond and brown hair. If you have been blessed with this hair color, it would be a shame not to give this shag a try.

29. Post Malone Inspired Punk Buzz-Cut

It can be hard to believe, but punk hairstyles for guys can sometimes match with military haircuts. For example, Post Malone’s buzz cut has a great punk vibe, and it blends perfectly with his tattoos.

30. The Punk Mullet

Although guys may lack some hairstyling options compared to women, there’s a huge advantage when choosing a mullet – you can transform it into a mohawk by using the right amount of hair gel. However, this mullet already makes an awesome punk hairstyle.

31. Goth Punk Bill Kaulitz

For those who remember Tokio Hotel and the Kaulitz twins back in 2005, you may wonder why we didn’t choose the hairstyles they used to wear back then. Well, Bill’s modern hairstyle fascinated us more than it did in his heyday.

32. Tom Kaulitz Punk Locks

Here comes the other Kaulitz twin with a completely different hairstyle from his teenage dreadlocks. This punk updo suits Tom very well, not to mention his bread, making him look strong and masculine.

33. Braided Punk Mohawk

Braids are the best alternative if you are not up to shaving your sides. To get this look done, you’ll have to grab the top of your hair to resemble a mohawk and braid the side strands to make it seem as you have an undercut.

34. Pastel Wavy Locks

Today’s punk hairstyles are not extremely complex. Often, the only thing they need is a vibrant color, like this pastel purple. If your hair also has a wavy texture, that’s a big plus.

35. Electric Blue Angular Fringe Hairstyle

The angular fringe is very popular in men’s haircuts and its punk alternative is far more daring than the average version. Pair it with a crazy color and you’ll get the best modern punk hairstyle!

36. Asymmetrical Long Bangs With Disconnected Undercut

Not ready for a messy full-head hairstyle? Go for messy bangs! This mix of asymmetrical bangs, strong color, and disconnected undercut makes a great punk hairstyle for guys looking for softer looks.

37. Artsy Punk Hairstyle

Show your love for art through a modern and great punk hairstyle with hair designs! Creative hairstyles full of attitude like this one here are the ones that best define punk looks nowadays. 

38. Modsun Neon-Green Punk Hairstyle

Here’s another pop-punk hairstyle of a famous American singer. Mod Sun likes to change his hair color often, yet this messy hairstyle dyed in neon green makes him look like a real punk star.

39. Mohawk for Older Guys

Who says punk hairstyles are only for the young? There is no age limit for men who want to try a punk hairstyle, and here’s the proof that a mohawk can look stunning even with gray hair.

40. Asymmetrical French Cut For Older Guys

And because we wanted to come up with more examples for punk hairstyles for guys with gray hair, here’s another one. This french cut is an upgrade of its regular version due to the asymmetrical bangs and its neon-yellow top strand.

41. Super-Messy Blonde Mohawk

There is no doubt that punk style is as different as possible from today’s standards. So naturally, it’s typical for punk hairstyles for guys to be messy and ruthless, especially mohawks.

42. Marilyn Manson’s Dark & Long Fringe

Has Marilyn ever worn a different hairstyle than this? It seems like he’s been wearing this one since forever. And we can’t blame him because this punk-goth hairstyle with long and dark fringe that covers his face is his personal signature.

43. Soft Pink Mullet

If you have voluminous hair and want to make a punk hairstyle out of it, go for a mullet and add dynamic color. Ask a hairdresser for help with this particular hairstyle to get the outcome you’re expecting.

44. Mint Green Buzz-Cut & Mustache

Maybe it’s the eyebrows design, maybe it’s the mustache or the vibrant green mint color, but this punk hairstyle has something special. All the details make this punk buzz-cut one of a kind!

45. Deep Red Comb-Over

Crazy colors are the key part of current punk hairstyles. If you are a fan of red hair and punk style, a messy blow-out could go so well with a crazy red like this one here.

46. Bleached Messy Quiff

Yet another current hairstyle with a punk vibe is the messy quiff. If you decide to get this hairstyle, we recommend you put it side-by-side with an undercut. You can even choose different colors for the top and sides.

47. 30 Second To Mars Inspired Punk Hairstyle

Pink and blonde shades blended in a marvelous mohawk worn by Jered – that’s one of the punk hairstyles for guys you can try in any year, decade, or century; it will still look fabulous!

48. Punk Crew-Cut With Mixed Colors

The punk style allows you to create hairstyles using your imagination to the fullest. Start with a crew cut and mix two colors, with one of them covering the entire head and the other only your ends. Recreate this ash-purple mix or use any different colors you like; the result will be great anyway!

49. Voluminous Side Fringe With Mixed Colors

If you want to do a split dye, punk hairstyles are perfect for experimenting with different colors. Therefore, if you have decided on a side fringe like the one in this picture, all you have to do to refresh your punk hairstyle is changing the fringe color from time to time.

50. Middle Parted Bangs With V-Shaped Nape

Nowadays, punk hairstyle variations are astonishing. For example, who would have thought that you could combine green middle-parted bangs with a V-shaped nape, an undercut of a darker color, and even a soft mustache?

51. Rainbow Faux Hawk

In the last few years, the rainbow dye trend has become more and more popular. So popular that it became part of punk hairstyles for guys. This one here is an excellent Faux Hawk to try on, but you can dye your hair in rainbow colors no matter the hairstyle.

52. Half-Mohawk Half-Liberty Spikes

Having a mohawk allows you to style it in various styles. For example, you can whether wear it in its usual shape, in its relaxed form, split into two parallel mohawks, or you can even do something else with the other half, such as liberty spikes like in this picture.

53. Punk Mullet For Asian Guys

This modern punk mullet features a dark undercut on the sides and longer ash hair in the back. It creates a cool and flexible punk hairstyle that allows you to wear the front hair either in a quiff or long fringe.

54. Joe Jonas Punk Side-Swept

Joe may not be the best example of the punk subculture, but this hairstyle fits him perfectly. A simple quiff in combination with crazy blue shade is easy to obtain for anyone who wants a modern punk hairstyle.

55. Ombre Faux Hawk With Hair Design

Fawx Hawks are halves of Mohawks. The difference is that they do not cross the entire head to the nape area. Therefore, this hairstyle is ideal for those who do not want a full mohawk but still want to rock a modern punk hairstyle!


Liberty Spikes and the Mohawk are fighting for the position of the most popular preference for punk hairstyles for guys.
The liberty spikes was the first punk hairstyle(since the end of the 70s) – unmatched in its early days! At the same time, Mohawks have a lot of variations today for other styles than punk, while liberty spikes are a signature hairstyle for the punk era.

Can I get a punk hairstyle for guys without the help of a barber?

Lucky for you, most of the punk hairstyles for guys don’t need a lot of maintenance. You can achieve a punk hairstyle by simply use a flat iron, strong fixing spray, and of course, your imagination. However, if you have long hair and want a Liberty Spikes hairstyle, you may need some help.

What types of beard fit best with a punk hairstyle for guys?

You can choose to wear your punk hairstyle with or without a beard, but if you want to add some facial hair to your punk hair, we recommend the following types of beard – goatee, anchor, and ducktail. If Punk style comes with so many variations of messy hairstyles for guys, this can apply even to beards.

So, if you feel that none of the beard styles recommended above suits you, you can simply rock a long and messy beard with your punk hairstyle.


As you’ve seen, punk hairstyles for guys have endless variations. While the punk subculture origins had symbolic hairstyles such as the mohawk and liberty spikes, there are more punk hairstyles for guys today, including short hair fades, intense colors, and hair designs.

Whether your style is a classic or something new to try out this week, these styles will offer tons of inspiration.