10 Best Haircuts For Men

No matter how well-dressed you are, if your haircut is poorly done, your grooming will look odd.

You need to know how to choose from among the best haircuts for men to complement your look. Whether it’s curly, straight, wavy, or fine, a good haircut will make you look fashionable at all times.

We took the time to review the best haircuts for men. We believe that for you to choose wisely, you must know what each haircut entails.

Before you go to the barber, you should know what you want and be able to communicate the same to the barber.

Haircuts for Men FAQ

As you shop around for the best hairstyles for men, it’s likely that you’ll have some questions you need to be answered.

We sought to find out the most frequently asked questions about men’s hairstyles and researched to provide the most appropriate answers.

1. What Does a Good Haircut Do for Your Look?

A good haircut makes you look well-groomed. It also boosts your confidence by knowing you look presentable.

2. What Type of Men’s Haircut Should You Get?

One of the factors that should guide the haircut you get is the shape of your face. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes. Face shapes include round, oval, triangle, diamond, oblong, and square. A professional barber can help you determine your face shape.

3. Should My Barber Choose My Haircut for Me?

While your barber can guide you in choosing the best haircut, the final decision should be yours. You’re in the best position to decide the best haircut for yourself.

4. How Much Do the Best Haircuts for Men Cost?

It’ll cost you anything between $28 for a trim and approximately up to $70 for a complete haircut.

5. Where Can I Get the Best Haircut?

Most professional barbers can cut your hair to suit the haircut you desire to have. You can check online to see the different types of hairstyles and choose the one you want your barber to replicate.

How We Reviewed

In reviewing the best haircuts for men, our team went to the field. We talked to people who have had these haircuts on our list of the best haircuts for men. We reviewed the haircuts on the parameters of features and their pros and cons.

We sought to know what people feel about these haircuts and how their features can help enhance your looks.

Overall Price Range of the Best Haircuts for Men

Getting a professional haircut that’ll bring out the best in you will see you part with a significant amount of cash. An average trim will cost approximately $28. The figures vary from place to place and from barber to barber.

On average, though, it’ll cost you approximately between $35 and $71 for a quality haircut. Don’t forget to factor in 20% for the barber’s tip.

What We Reviewed

As our team went about collecting reviews on the best haircuts for men, we came across many hairstyles. We settled for the following as among the best trends gaining a lot of popularity.

  1. Classic Pompadour
  2. Quiff
  3. Messy Fringe
  4. Undercut
  5. Short Back and Sides
  6. Side Part
  7. Short Taper
  8. French Crop
  9. Crew Cut
  10. Buzz Cut

#1. Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour Haircut
Classic Pompadour Haircut


A classic pompadour haircut is a modern style that’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s not only stylish but also very versatile, matching different personalities and outfits.

Pompadour haircuts call for some essential barber skills to make it look right. Blending, fading, lining, finishing, and sectioning are crucial. The haircut requires time and hair products each day to successfully manage.

The style offers formality across the whole spectrum. You can play around with how it looks by altering the back or side length, and also by changing the size of the top pomp. The pompadour haircut comes in different shapes and sizes.

Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour Haircut
Modern Pompadour Haircut


Buzzed sides characterize this style, which has a significant amount of top length and crisp edges.


Elvis like Pompadour Haircut
Elvis like Pompadour Haircut


Most of the hair is rolled back, and the sides are classically short.

Short Sort

Short Sort Pompadour
Short Sort Pompadour


If you think less is more, go for this haircut. It’s a simple yet elegant style. The pomp is slightly smaller than the other types.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour
Side Part Pompadour


The style is characterized by tapered hair on the back and sides. It can be styled high or swept to the side.

Other styles you can choose are the swooper, textured top, and mohawk.


  • Pompadour haircut can be styled in a variety of shapes
  • Suitable for professional, casual, or street look
  • Classic and trendy


  • Not all styles are ideal for all face shapes
  • Comes with responsibility for maintenance
  • Gravity and strong winds tend to get it out of shape fast

#2. Quiff

Quiff hairstyle
Quiff hairstyle

Quiff haircut is one of the most iconic haircuts. It dates back to the 1950s and combines features of flat top, pompadour, and sometimes a mohawk. It’s suitable for a wide range of face shapes, ages, and personal styles.


The quiff became famous as a military haircut and flat wartime style. It’s a style that’s known to represent rebellion, but also has a notation of confidence.

The quiff hairstyle takes up a lot of space and makes you stand out. However, the quiff is less noticeable than the pompadour. Some common types of quiff haircut include the following:

Side-Parted Quiff

A side parting of the quiff goes a long way in toning down the rebellious look.

Textured Quiff

This is a less formal style that’s more about texture and less about shine and sleekness. It’s also effortless to maintain and change when the need arises.

Psychobilly Quiff

It’s an exaggerated version of the quiff that takes a cartoonish look. It’s characterized by shaving at the back and sides down to zero.

Undercut Quiff

The undercut quiff hairstyle is sleek and sharper and retains an authentic vintage feel. It also looks edgy and modern. The longer the hair is at the top, the better it looks—but it will need more maintenance.


  • Suitable for a majority of face shapes—especially round
  • A trendy look for all ages
  • Can be styled to produce varied looks


  • Not as ideal for thin or long faces
  • Calls for a lot of tools to achieve the perfect style, including a blow-dryer

#3. Messy Fringe

The fringe haircut covers a wide range of looks, among them being the messy fringe cut. The messy fringe is ideal for both long and short hair. It’s a haircut that can work for everyone regardless of their face shape.


The messy fringe takes center stage, and you must, therefore, choose a style you’ll love. A dense, messy fringe can look good on some people but not on others. It also requires a lot of trimming and styling.

Messy fringe styles fall into categories for long and short hair. Long hair fringe styles include these listed below:

Heavy Statement Fringe

This is ideal for thick hair and is best maintained in position using wax or pomade. Pull it down to cover the forehead and add some texture to make it messy.

Shaved Sides Long Fringe

By cutting down anything competing with the fringe, you’ll make it stand out clearly.

Curly Long Fringe

If your hair is naturally curly, this is the best style to adorn. Leave the sides smoothened and embrace the waves for an all-over look.

Afro Long Fringe

You can keep it natural or shape the hair into afro dreads that fall into a thick fringe.

The messy fringe can also be done as a shorter hairstyle. Some options for a short fringe are these:

Curly Fringe

A short curly fringe is easy to maintain and style.

Shaved Sides Short Fringe

It creates a more modern look than the long fringe and is a more definite fashion statement than the long fringe.

Short Sweeping Fringe

It’s best for short straight hair and creates a smooth and sleek look if done correctly. Keeping the sides more concise brings out a professional look.


  • Many styles to choose from for both short and long hair
  • Easy to maintain with wax and pomade to hold it in place
  • Works with most hair types


  • Not ideal for the professional look
  • Can end up irritating you if done the wrong way

#4. Undercut

An undercut hairstyle is simple and stylish. It’s a throwback style that has come back to find its position in modern haircut styles.


Some of the variations of the undercut include classic pompadour, undercut with braids, and undercut with a quiff. Other styles are undercut with a side parting and undercut with textured length. To maintain the best of all these looks, ensure you get the right products. They include pomade, a hairdryer, and hairspray.


  • A lot of styles to choose from
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not ideal for round faces
  • Requires a lot of maintenance

#5. Short Back and Sides


The short back and sides hairstyle has several variations. It’s an ideal choice for men with curly, dry hair. The shorter the hair, the better it looks. If you have a small head, you might not want to choose this style because the idea is to make the head look more prominent. You should also avoid it if you have a triangle-shaped head. Maintenance of this hairstyle is effortless and manageable because the hair is short and tidy.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives a professional look
  • Several variations to choose from


  • Not suitable for people with small heads
  • Doesn’t work well with long hair

#6. Side Part


The side part is one of the best haircuts for men that have withstood the test of time. It’s a very easy and stylish look to maintain. The many variations provide you with a wide range of styles to adopt. Some of the variations of the side part hairstyle include long hair side parting, hard part cut, and curly hair side parting. Another type is the Skrillex side parting. Whichever one you choose, be sure to invest in the right hair products.


  • Can be used on curly hair
  • Easy to achieve and maintain


  • Doesn’t have a wide variety of options
  • Not a good fit for very short hair

#7. Short Taper


A taper hairstyle follows the shape of the head. It fades into the head providing a very iconic and trendy hairstyle. It’s a perfect cut for professional or casual situations. The short taper forms a basis for various hairstyles for men. Popular styles include bald fade, temp, burst, drop, and razor. The style can also be combined with a mohawk, comb-over, high top, and an afro.


  • A wide variety of styles you can try
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Looks good with both long and short hair
  • Possible to combine the various styles into one


  • Not suitable for some face shapes
  • Requires regular visits to the barber depending on how fast your hair grows

#8. French Crop


The French crop haircut is a low-maintenance hairstyle suitable for most men. If you don’t have much time to spend on your hair each day, this is the style for you. It’s universally flattering for men with receding hairlines and thin hair. It’s very similar to the undercut and taper fade. The difference lies in the longer fringe in this style. It also has more length on the top of the head.

Some of its variations include traditional French crop, short French crop, long French crop, and French crop fade. You can also go for the textured French crop, disconnected French crop, or straight French crop depending on your preference and how long your hair is.


  • A wide variety of styles to choose from
  • An excellent choice for thin hair and receding hairlines


  • Requires the use of wax to keep in in place
  • Not suitable for older age groups

#9. Crew Cut


The crew cut is a simple tapered cut. The top is trimmed short and the rest of the hair is even shorter. It’s a great hairstyle for the modern man. One reason why the style is so common is that it suits all face shapes and sizes. It brings out a sense of maturity—something that translates to confidence.


  • Suitable for extremely short hair
  • People with receding hairlines can do well with this style


  • Not ideal for long hair
  • Styling, like side styling, may not be possible

#10. Buzz Cut


The buzz cut is yet another style in our list of best haircuts for men. It delivers minimalism and is very easy to achieve. The style requires short hair all around, and many men prefer it because it is so easy to maintain. The length of the hair may vary according to preference, but the style fits all types of faces. It’s also known as the military look because it’s practical and functional.


  • Easy to achieve
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Popular among all age groups
  • Simple yet fashionable


  • Gives a very simplistic look
  • Doesn’t have many variations

The Verdict

After reviewing the above haircuts, we settled for the buzz cut as top among the best haircuts for men. It’s suitable for all types of faces and lengths of hair.

It’s a professional look that suits all men across the board.