Top 55 Hair Designs For Short Haircuts

For some, a haircut is just a way to wear their hair. For others, it is a way to express themselves!

And how else to express your creativity better than with some unique hair designs?

Hairstyles for short hair that come with a fade, taper, or undercut can quickly transform into a unique look by adding a significant design. And the good part is that the possibilities are endless!

We have put together our favorite 55 hair designs for men, which we hope will inspire you next time you want to try a new hairstyle.

Simple Hair Designs For Men

1. Crew Cut With Subtle Arched Line

If you’re a fan of short haircuts, you’ve probably tried a crew-cut so far. This haircut is effortless to maintain and, of course, an excellent option for those who want to highlight their facial features. A subtle design like this arched line will turn your crew-cut into one of a kind.

2. Extra Short Juice Haircut

Tupac’s fans will know what this hairstyle is about even before reading our description. The exquisite Juice haircut first appeared in the golden era of hip-hop and stood out from other hairstyles for short hair through the tramline that separates the two sides of the hairstyle; this is what we call a truly unique hair design!

3. High Top With Layered Nape Design

Hairstyles for short hair are so versatile! If you want to add a unique hair design to your hairstyle, it doesn’t need to be on the sides or top of your hair. You can ask your barber to create a hair design on your nape as well, and the result is awe-inspiring, as you can see!

4. Brad Mondo’s Wild n’ Spiky Hair Design

The famous Hairdresser chose a relatively light hair design for his usual style. We can’t deny that this sideline trimmed on his undercut fits perfectly with its spiky top. As Brad Mondo would say in his video reacts – This looks unexpectedly good!

5. Pompadour With Crucifix Design

The crucifix has become a powerful fashion statement over the past few years. We often see it in clothing collections, jewelry, tattoos, and even in hairstyles for short hair! Pair your classy pompadour hairstyle with such a fashionable hair design, and you won’t ever have to worry that your look is old-fashioned.

6. High Fade Quiff With Light Design

A common thing in men’s hairstyles for short hair is the design that goes through both the hair and the eyebrows. For example, this subtle line that starts from the fade of the hair and goes through the eyebrow makes this quiff look dazzling through such a simple but powerful detail.

7. Slicked Back Top With V-Shaped Disconnected Undercut

What was your last version of the Slicked-back hairstyle? Here is a new, improved one – the upper hair is disconnected from the sides by a V-shaped undercut. The more significant the discrepancy between the two areas, the more they blend due to the similar shape between the slicked-back top and the undercut.

8. Spiky Fade & Angular Back Line

This sharp hairstyle has been at the top of men’s preferences for the last ten years. Even if the haircuts with the slicked back, comb over, or side part top are the favorite ones nowadays, you can continuously refresh your spiky top by adding an angular and sharp design like this one.

9. Crop Top With Eyebrow Fusion Line

Here is another hairstyle in which the design combines both hair and eyebrow. However, the crop top is one of those looks that never really go out of style, as long as you’re doing it right, and you can’t go wrong with such a gorgeous blending line.

10. Faux Hawk With Subtle Back Hair Design

There are particular looks from which you cannot remove any element because otherwise, they would lose their charm. For instance, try to imagine this hairstyle without a beard. How about the subtle back hair design? Would it be the same? Of course not. All these elements here work jointly!

11. Top Knot With X-Shaped Design

X marks the spot. And in this case, it marks the location of an ingenious hair design. Even though it looks like a minimalist design, wearing it with a knot top will make the whole hairstyle stand out.

12. Layered Faux Hawk With Ray Lines Pattern

Rise and shine with this side hair design above the ear! The undercut area is a large one, which is why you can play with its entire surface choosing hair designs that covers it completely.

13. Side Part Reflected Twin Lines

If you are not satisfied with one line, choose two or more. All that remains is to decide is the position of your hair design. A quick and good-looking choice is this hair design with mirrored lines.

14. Sharp Blowout With Smooth Parallel Design

If you are a fan of the blow-out, it means that you like to look as if a strong wind is constantly blowing in front of you. And there is nothing wrong with that, because the hairstyle looks great, especially if you match it with a hair design like these two parallel lines.

15. Neymar’s Sporty Design

Neymar had so many haircuts that we lost count. That’s why he is worthing an article just about the hairstyles he has tried over time! However, we remember with pleasure this hair design that he had at one point with this short and ruffled top.

16. Textured Comb Over With Crescent Design

In general, a comb-over does not require any extra elements to look good. And the top of this hairstyle deserves all the praise for this! However, the crescent line is more than welcome in this landscape, looking like a missing puzzle piece for the final look.

17. High Afro Fade With Abstract Hair Design

We were very impressed with this afro top that comes with an abstract hair design. Many barbers say that afro hair offers the most styling options. Maybe this is also why we can’t refrain from introducing afro hairstyles in our articles!

18. Double Juice Line With High Afro Top

Here we meet the Juice hairstyle once again. Unlike the classic hairstyle, it has a double line above the forehead that blends harmoniously with the high top, making the whole style look stunning and out of the ordinary at the same time.

19. Drake’s Heart-Shaped Buzz Cut

If we didn’t know the true origin of the Buzz Cut hairstyle, we would have thought Drake invented it because he has been wearing it for so many years. Even if he is not the inventor of this style, he can certainly take on creating this astounding heart-shaped hair design.

20. Thin Quiff With Fusion Line

It is pretty tricky to give thin hair a shape. This voluminous quiff is an exception to the rule because it manages to make the hair look thick and even. Besides comes this fusion line, which seems to pass right through the ear!

FAQ: How to shave designs in hair?

If you want a minimalist hairstyle and you prefer simple hair designs, the first thing you need is a fade or undercut. These are the ideal hair surfaces to achieve a hair design consisting of a single line.
Here is a video explaining the whole process:

Elaborate Hair Designs For Men

21. Wavy Top With Lotus Side Design

Here is a different example of everything we’ve shown you so far. If you were used to seeing the design on a faded or undercut surface, there is no hair under the top this time – apart from this artsy lotus composed of hair around the ear.

22. Buzz Cut With Leaves Design

And now that we moved on to more complicated hair designs for men, we want to show you that you can make almost anything from hair, good clippers, and some imagination, and the first proof is this gorgeous design in the shape of leaves.

23. Curly Top With Geometric Pattern

This hair design is why you will want your hair to grow as slowly as possible to keep the pattern as long as you can. And because it is the first example of curly hair in this article, we wanted it to be a truly memorable one!

24. Buzz Cut With Deep-Waved Design

The classic Buzz-cut combines here with an abstract hair design above the ear for a stylish twist. We were very serious when we said you could do almost anything with a hair design, and here’s another proof. The long-abstract line is an excellent way to create an optical illusion.

25. Short Haircut With Back Eye Design

Even if you are not going to try this hairstyle, be prepared to add it to the list of the most amazing things you have ever seen in your life. Just imagine what it would be like to be on the same bus or elevator with someone with such a hair design. One thing is for sure – there will be no need for any eye contact to feel watched.

26. Buzz Cut With Landscape Design

Sometimes, hair designs for men are no longer just simple shapes or lines. There are cases in which they turn into art! Who would have thought that such a beautiful landscape can lay behind someone’s head?

27. Quiff With Claw Marks Design

We can’t decide which is more enchanting for this hairstyle – the beard or the hair design? Well, it’s hard to make a decision when they are so similar. This match managed to create an innovative, masculine, and unique appearance.

28. Giant Pompadur With Spider Shaped Design

Unless you are preparing to look good on Halloween or are a big fan of spiders, it is unlikely that it would have crossed your mind to try such a hair design. However, we can guarantee that you will attract attention at any time of the year if you try it.

29. Classic Pompadour With Middle Fade & Linear Hair Design

Although the lines are the most uncomplicated design to achieve, the way you combine them can result in a complex, masculine, and attractive hairstyle. And to do this successfully, you can place the lines parallel and copy the design on the beard too.

30. Long Top With Undercut & Side Hair Design

Therefore, no rule says your lines must be straight. A hair design that combines both straight and curved lines can also be super compact and sleek. This type of design fits perfectly with a long top. Check our previous article with long hairstyles for more inspiration!

31. Layered Pompadour With Hair & Beard Blend Design

If you have a glorious thick beard, you can easily combine it with a long trim Pompadour. To mix these two even better, you can choose a hair design that starts from the undercut and ends in the beard.

32. Super Short Buzz Cut With Full-Head Design

A Buzz Cut allows you to make a hair design on the whole head because, in this case, there is no undercut or fade that limits your design. Ask your barber to make the most of his imagination, and the result will surely be surprising!

33. Jack Skellington Hair Design

Another Buzz Cut – another design that leaves you speechless. Or rather breathless, in the true sense of the word. If there’s one place you least expect to meet The Pumpkin King, it’s in a hair design.

34. Long Top With Undercut & Heart Hair Design

If you prefer more artsy-looking haircuts, this one is for you. Here is a fantastic razor pattern that resembles a heartbeat, covering the entire nape area. The good part about having a long top is that you can wear your hair loose and leave the design visible only when you want.

35. Super Long Top With Sharp Tips & Multi-Stripes

The best way to rock a long-top is to style it uniquely. So, you will need some skill, patience, and a strong hairspray. Moreover, if you add such a distinctive hair design, your hairstyle will be one at 7.6 million.

36. Khal Drogo Inspiering Hair Design

It happened to each of us to become a devoted fan of movie characters at some point. If you also admire Khal Drogo, that means you want to see him everywhere – such as the phone screen, the poster in your room, your favorite t-shirt, or even in your hair design!

FAQ: How to do an elaborate hair design?

If you want to get a more complicated hair design that does not consist of a simple line, you will need to seek the help of a professional. There are many shapes and patterns that you can try, but which require a complex and lengthy process.

Colorful Hair Designs For Men

37. Arctic White With Inlaid Mid Lines

Do you know that hard to describe white shade? The one you see and blinds you instantly – this is it! Thus, the recipe for uniqueness says that you should match it with a suitable hair design, like these inlaid mid-lines.

38. Blanched Spiky Top With Star Hair Design

It is pretty common to see a star-shaped hair design. However, the hairstyle you combine it with plays a significant role. To give you an idea, here is an example where the stars don’t seem trivial anymore because this spiky and rebellious top accompanies them.

39. Short Golden Mohawk With Sliced Undercut Design

This hairstyle is driving us up the wall! And the main reason for this is the stunning effect of this hypnotic hair design. The sliced ​​undercut makes it look like the hairstyle has two mohawks, one on top of the other!

40. Emerald Green Quiff With Tribal Design

Here is a green, mesmerizing hairstyle. It reminds you a little of the Joker, right? Maybe the color is a similar factor, but the Joker certainly didn’t have such an alluring hair design.

41. Silver Blowout With Transformers Inspired Design

A couple of hair designs for men have a significant impact and can completely change your appearance if paired with the right hairstyle and color. This silver fade mixed with a Transformers-inspired hair design certainly looks on point.

42. Blue Top With Egyptian Style Pattern

Pharaonic symbols usually relate to Religion and spirituality, but once people began to use them in art, they acquired other meanings. As you can see, they can make a fantastic hair design in combination with the blue part side top.

43. Mint Spikes With Long Under-Line Design

If you are new at hair dyeing, this is a color you can try at your first hair color transition. Shades of green like this mint are best suited for light skin, and they are a not very bold first choice – perfect for simple hairstyles for short hair adepts.

44. Tangerine Sharp Top With Inlaid Side Design

Here is the opposite of the example above. With a color that people can see from the airplane and a more detailed hair design, it is impossible not to stand out. If you dare to choose such a hairstyle, you have all our appreciation!

45. Buzz Cut Mandala Hair Design

When the hair design mandala first appeared, it was called “the hair tattoo.” Most people who tried this hair design had long hair and kept the mandala hidden, making it visible only with certain hairstyles. In this case, the mandala is as noticeable as possible – with a colored circle in the middle accentuates the style even more!

46. Violet Gradient Buzz Cut With Flowing Design

It is a pleasure to watch how a hairdresser creates hairstyles for short hair from scratch. Indeed, the making-of would be so satisfying to see in this case. The color, the model, the gradient, and almost everything about this hairstyle is out of the ordinary.

47. Cyber Yellow Disconnected Undercut

Every period in history has its trends, and the 2020’s do too. To point this out, if there are any hairstyles for short hair that best represent this decade, those in crazy, distinctive colors coming with additional extravagant hair designs like this bold-disconnected undercut are the star of the moment.

48. Crimson Red Top With Geometic Fade Design

Although the overall feel of this hair design is hard to achieve, you can recreate it by yourself with clippers by using only the corner of the blade. One thing you will need help with or at least the advice of a hairdresser is, of course, the red color of the top.

49. Flat Top Pompadour With Golden Shades

The flat top is a specific shape for afro hair texture but can also work for straight hairstyles for short hair, such as this Pompadour. The color is added unevenly in the back and front of the hairstyle, together with the linear hair design on one side for a more eye-catchy result.

50. French Top With Tiger Stripe Sides

Animal print exists everywhere in the world of men’s fashion and is not missing from hairstyles for short hair either. You will need a skilled barber to replicate this hair design and regular maintenance if you want it to be a long-term look.

51. Chilli Red French Top With Double Curved Lines

The hairstyle is so unique at this stage that it would be hard to imagine it in a different color than this strong-chili red. Maybe the reason is that the hair design enhances amazingly well the perceived contrast between the skin fade and the french top.

52. Fucsia Top Strands With Deep Wavy Design

Whoever thinks that pink is a color only for women’s hair has not seen this hairstyle yet. This stunning look has as the main element the wavy side design, which makes the hairstyle look both playful and masculine, even with pink strands!

53. Apricot Bowl Cut With Reverse Side Shapes

Do you know those cake memes with a hole in the middle because someone cut a slice right there? Well, at first glance, it doesn’t look so harmonious. However, this is not the case with the hairstyle here, where the hair design is made right in the middle of the fade, but the result is very successful and even delicious.

54. Purple-Blue Crop Top Mix With Wide Side Line

Regarding the structure of hairstyles for short hair, a Crop Top always comes with an undercut designed to amplify the top volume. In this case, the wide side-line gives even more contrast to the entire colorful look.

55. Harlequin Green Buzz-Cut With Dissolving Design

Tattoos and powerful green shades can bring a massive bonus to short hairstyles for men. The icing on the cake here is how the hair design turns into a progressive fade, producing a dissolving effect.

FAQ: What color should I dye my hair?

If you have thought of dyeing your hair after seeing our colored hairstyles for short hair with hair designs, you need to consider a few things before choosing a color. No matter how much you liked it, not everyone will fit the bright red or orange tangerine shades.
Furthermore, because we mentioned him above in our article, we invoke Brad Mondo once again to talk about how you should choose the right color if you are determined to dye your hair for the first time.

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to know that you can add a hair design to get a fantastic upgrade if you ever get bored of hairstyles for short hair you usually try. It is up to you if you want a simple design consisting of a few straight or curved lines, an elaborate design with unique and distinctive shapes, or maybe one that comes with striking colors.
Ultimately, we are curious to know which one you would choose! Let us know which is your favorite in the comments section below.