cool hairstyles for teenage guys

55+ Cool Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

A hairstyle, just like clothing, should be an extension of your personality, and the right one will allow you to express your style and individuality like nothing else. While teenage years might be fraught with numerous challenges, being in a dilemma over which hairstyle to pick shouldn’t be a significant concern at this time.
Whether you are looking for a style based on the length of your hair, the texture, or maybe your favorite colors, you will surely find the coolest, trendiest hairstyle that suits your taste if you scroll to the end of our list of 55+ hairstyles for teenage guys!

1. Short Choppy Haircut for Teenage Boys

This one here is a choppy cut with loads of texture woven into it, along with a fade on the side — a timeless hairstyle for teenage guys that require a low-maintenance and doesn’t compromise on sleekness and style.

2. Teen Slicked Back Hairstyle

These days, a hot trend in men’s haircuts is the slicked back top, and teen guys aren’t lagging in embracing it. Ask your barber for a mid-length quiff coupled with a crew cut on the sides to get the sleekest look. 

3. Haircuts For Teenage Guys with Thick Hair

Thick hair can be cumbersome to manage for teenagers who have to rush to school early in the morning. A simple short, ruffled haircut with a mild undercut will be a flattering hairstyle to carry both inside and outside a classroom. 

4. Hairstyles for Boys With Afro Hair

This one is easy to maintain and yet lets you flaunt your afro hair in a playful way. Allow the curls to grow into natural dreads and then neatly cut the dreads on the sides. Your gorgeous hair on the top will get all the attention!

5. Taper Fade Teenage Haircut

A popular short haircut among teenage boys is the taper fade. The military cut and its many variants fit perfectly the school standards that usually ask for basic looks while being equally fun to wear in and outside the campus.

6. Curly Hairstyle with Highlights

Playing with hair color is an innovative way of trying out new looks. Just add a few strands of blonde highlights, and a hairstyle can transform anyone. If you have long curls, this is definitely one cool look to try.

7. Spiky Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

Short hair with ruffled spikes is a look that can rarely go wrong for teenagers. Whether you have naturally spikey hair or you go for a daily styling routine, that’s a must-try for those with straight hair during their teenage years.

8. Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Straight Hair

If your naturally straight hair isn’t very voluminous and drifts towards being slightly wavy, try this cut with the top section long and a crew cut on the sides. Part your hair on one side for the best results.

9. Quiff Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

If you’ve got a sharp jawline, a quiff haircut is an exceptional choice because it will accentuate your features. You will need to let your hair grow by 1-2 inches before visiting your barber to give you a clean and handsome quiff like the one in the picture.

10. Wavy Fringe Hairstyles

An angular fringe complements those with mild curls or wavy haircuts. Let the top section grow so that the bangs cover the forehead and flow to the sides. Ask the stylist for an undercut for the fringes to stand out.

11. Athletic Spiky Haircuts for Teenagers

If you are a member of your school’s sports team, you might want to try this haircut. It is a favorite among athletes because it’s short, easy to maintain, and quick to achieve. Style the top hair with some gel, and you’re ready to go.

12. Braided Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Braids are one of the go-to options for guys with afro hair. Those with curly and wavy hair can also try out this evergreen hairstyle. You can customize them by wearing them as cornrows or simple dangling braids.

13. Hard Part Hairstyle for Teenage Guys

Remember the elder brother in the movie ‘Stuart Little’? The young boy pulled out this hairstyle with finesse. If you want to be the most handsome guy whom everyone in the class looks up to, this might be the look for you.

14. Layered Faux Hawk Hairstyles

To get this look, ask the barber to give a lot of texture in the middle and then mesh the hair into a faux mohawk. The sides need to be kept short. Remember that you’ll have to style the hawk every day to keep this stunning shape.

15. High Fade Haircuts

A great hairstyle for hot summer days with a undercut beginning right below the top upper sides. You can wear the top hair like a quiff or wear the fringes towards the back and style it like a mohawk till the middle of the head.

16. Messy Hairstyle with Long Fringe

This one here is suave look that reminds us of Harry Styles, but you can wear this hairstyle with your straight hair instead of his curls. Keep the fringes long, comb them to one side, and style the hair on the other side towards the forehead.

17. Side Tossed Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

If you want a dapper hairstyle, try this haircut with a long top and fringes. Style the bangs sideways and complete the look with a neat undercut. You can also ask your barber for a design on the sides to customize the look.

18. Top Knot Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks were always the epitome of cool. But you know what is even cooler? Dreadlocks with a bit of color – keep them a lighter shade with the remaining hair colored black – that will enhance the look of those stylish dreads.

19. Deep 360 Waves Hairstyles

If you’ve got afro hair, this is another neat choice of hairstyle you can try. As the name suggests, the textured hair is styled in deep waves, giving it 360 wavy look. You can make this hairstyle by yourself at home with a brush and a good fixing product.

20. Low Fade Pompadour

A crew-cut paired with mid-length side hair and long fringes combed to one side will give you this very stylish low-fade haircut. Gell up the hair and comb it evenly for the best setting for this look.

21. Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Curly Hair

For curly hair, this is another easy-to-maintain haircut. Let the curls in the top section of the head grow long while chopping off the sides into a short undercut. Keep the sideburns short to complement the look.

22. Comb Over Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

For this combover hairstyle, the crew cut must be on point, with the top area kept a tee bit long. The fringes at the front are combed over, and the mid-section is merged with it, giving this look a whole classy vibe.

23. Shaggy Hairstyles

Do you struggle with thick, unmanageable hair? This haircut might be the solution you were looking for. Whether your hair is a few inches long or reaching shoulder-length or more, a shaggy haircut will make your hair appear deliberately unkempt.

24. Textured Hairstyle for Teenagers

This visually striking haircut is a must-try for those teens who want to get a customized hairstyle. If you have thick straight hair, ask the barber to give you even textures in the front section and keep the rest of the hair short.

25. Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Wavy Hair

Flaunt your wavy textured hair like a young Nick Jonas! From short waves to long ones, you can experiment with a variety of lengths with your wavy locks, depending on the shape of your face.

26. Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Teenage boys can grow their hair as long as they want and try a range of hairstyles! Braids, ponytails, dreadlocks, or just keep it loose– a world of options opens up if you allow your hair to grow.

27. Brushed Up Hairstyles

Teenagers who aren’t fans of spiky haircuts can try this brush-up technique. Ask your barber to keep the top hair long to allow you to brush your hair up towards the front. Keep the sides short so that the focus will remain on the top section.

28. Ivy League Haircuts

Cut all your hair short except leaving the front area slightly long. The fringes and mid-section can be styled up by gelling it upwards like a big spike. It looks smart, neat, and it’s absolutely simple to style!

29. Short Bangs Hairstyles

Choosing to get bangs is risky because you’ll have to consider several factors before, such as the texture of your hair or the size of your forehead. If you’re getting bangs for the first time, you could try this basic hairstyle where the bangs cover the middle of the forehead.

30. Teen Bun Hairstyle

The man-bun was created to draw attention, that’s for sure. This haircut requires a long top section and an undercut in the back and sides while keeping the front short. You can easily switch it to a ponytail or knot.

31. Medium-Length Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

If you’ve got bored with military cuts but do not want a long hairstyle either, a medium-length hairstyle is a middle ground. Let the hair grow slightly above shoulder length, cut the front into long fringes and add layers to the remaining hair for an impressive look.

32. Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Shave off the sides and keep the mid-section long to style them towards one side. Best suited for slightly wavy hair, this haircut eases the need to restyle your hair throughout the day, assuring that you look good at all times.

33. Small Mohawks

A full-punk mohawk could run you into trouble with teachers and parents, but a small mohawk may be an amicable choice. Shave the sides but not too short, and keep the middle 2-inch long to spike the hair into a mohawk.

34. Caesar Haircuts

A handy, practical choice when it comes to a haircut, the Caesar cut is self-explanatory. Originating from the Roman general Julius Caesar who wore his hair short, you can try and keep true to the look by complementing it with a crew cut.

Caesar Haircuts


35. Slicked Back Hairstyles

If you are a part of those teenagers who want to look mature and carry a stylish vibe, try growing your front hair and slicking it back. Keep the sides short like a regular short haircut and gel the long hair to finish the look.

36. Skater Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

This is the OG teenager haircut, the haircut that Justin Bieber sported when he was catapulted to the global spotlight. The skater cut is a mid-length haircut with long bangs, and the ears and forehead are covered by combing the hair towards the front.

37. Emo Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

This haircut might as well be called the ‘rites-of-passage haircut’. The classic emo-look with bangs is covering the forehead, and the rest of the hair is combed to the front to cover the ears. Make sure to have this hairstyle in black to bring out the same vibe.

38. Disconnected Undercuts

Here is the flashy undercut that goes best with smooth straight hair. Instead of the mellow undercut that gradually transitions from the longer top to a fade on the sides, this one has a sharp disconnect area where the uncut begins.

39. Shaved Design Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Teenagers sporting a short haircut and fade is a ubiquitous sight. However, you can add a personal touch to it by asking the stylist to give you a hair design and customize the look with anything from zig-zag to criss-cross lines.

40. Scene Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Having one picture taken with a scene hairstyle means you have fully lived your teen years! Whether it’s with long side-swept bangs or a full emo haircut, scene haircuts look best if you add a bit of color to the hair.

41. Clean Cut Hairstyles

A short crop with clean-shaven sides can be one of the most comfortable hairstyles for teenage guys to try out for afro-textured hair. The gradual emergence of the crew cut is the focal point of this haircut and gives a neat look.

42. French Crop Hairstyles

Do you want to try a hip look? Check out the French crops. Much like a Caesar cut, a slight variation is the inclusion of long bangs. Keep the fringes above the eyebrows to achieve a clean and sleek look.

43. Asymmetrical Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

‘Young, Wild and Free’- if that’s the motto of your life, then try out this haircut to reflect your inner avatar. Keep one side short, let the other grow long enough to cross the eyes, and comb the hair towards the front.

44. The Modern Bowl Cut

The ugly, unappealing bowl cut has undergone a total makeover in recent times, with fringes covering the forehead and an undercut for the rest of the head. If you want to try this haircut, keep the look a little ruffled to bring out the jazz.

45. Shoulder-Length Teen Hairstyles

The shaggy haircut can be an option to try on shoulder-length wavy or curly hair. The mid-length shaggy cut with ears covered and bangs covering the forehead is a look some teenage girls will surely swoon over.

46. Hairstyles with Blonde Tip

Look at this teen version of Niall Horan and the equally adorable haircut he is wearing! If you are looking for something stylish yet carry boyish youthfulness, try this choppy haircut which you can style into slanting spikes.

47. Pompadour Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

The pompadour hairstyle is not age-specific, meaning that anyone can give it a try whether they are 15 or 35. A hybrid pompadour hairstyle that a teenage guy can try is this well-styled quiff with a trendy undercut, giving the whole picture a unique vibe.

48. Asian Hairstyles for Teenagers

Want to get a haircut resembling a K-pop idol or an anime character? This is one of the most commonly sported haircuts among them. If you have silky, straight hair, this haircut will bring out your facial features.

49. The Cornrows Look

Whether you have an afro hair texture or not, the cornrow has always been a look one wants to try at least once. Head off to a professional to get those sleek braids that will give you a stylish makeover.

50. Bleached Hairstyles

Bored with your natural hair color? Try bleaching for a change. While doing it too many times is a sure way to damage your hair, trying it once in a blue moon never hurts. This messy, unkempt spiky look is a good style for bleached hair.

51. Light Violet Choppy Hairstyle with Undercut

This light violet with silver hair color is a great shade to have with a choppy haircut with the hair kept slightly long and worn in a disheveled way. If you’ve got a light skin tone, this undercut will complement the features of the face.

52. Fiery Split Hairstyle

This haircut is otherwise just the average cut for men with short bangs, but the main focus on it is the flashy orange and silver mix that splits the hair into two. You can also spray on your favorite design on the sides, just like in the picture.

53. Messy Long Bowl Haircut for Teenage Boys

If you like having fun with hair colors, this is a style you must try. Keep one side black and color the other light purple. The haircut is actually a bowl cut, kept a little long so that the hair can be given a messy look.

54. Kpop Hairstyle With Long Bangs

This is another look that gives the total K-pop idol vibes with flashy cherry red hair color. The hairstyle has wavy bangs and pointy sideburns. With many K-pop idols being teenagers themselves, this is definitely a must-try for teen boys.

55. Long Fringes For Thick Asian Hair

If you’ve got Asian features, this is an easy look you can try. The upkeep is very minimal! Grow your hair a bit, then ask the barber to keep the bangs long, covering the forehead, and give layers in the top section.


In 2021, many hairstyles for teenage guys, such as the bowl haircut, the split dye trend, and the animal print hair designs, have returned to fashion. That does not mean that you have to limit yourself only to these! You can bring to life a long-forgotten hairstyle as well, just by using your imagination.

How do I choose my hairstyle according to my face shape?

There are a few things to keep in mind about your face shape when choosing a hairstyle. For example, you do not want a hairstyle with long bangs if your forehead is very small or a hairstyle with locks if you’ve got a long-shaped face as well. To better understand these things, listen to Brad Mondo’s advice in the following video.

What is the best hairstyle for teenage guys for graduation?

Graduation is a very important moment in the life of any teenage boy, so the hairstyle you will wear must be one that benefits you. You should consider a buzz-cut, a slicked-back top with an undercut, a french crop, or even a good man-bun if your hair is long enough.


Still confused about which hairstyle will suit you best? You have all the time in the world to try them all!

However, remember that the hairstyles you’ll wear as a teenager will appear in the most important photos of your life, which you will probably show to your grandchildren one day, so you will want to make the best choices in this regard.

We are waiting for you to tell us in the comments what hairstyles you wore so far in your teenage years and which are the next ones you want to try!